Appointment Scheduling Software

Streamline Scheduling With an All-in-One Platform

Upgrade your scheduling and reporting platform

ConexED’s cloud-based self-scheduling platform allows your customers, clients, or patients to schedule their own appointments, reducing your staff’s workload.

Boost appointments

Serve more customers with fewer resources by removing the manual work involved in scheduling and calendar management. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to self-schedule with the click of a button, and more appointments means you can help and serve more customers while increasing profitability.

Improve efficiency and productivity

Give busy staff a way to spend more time on value-add activities and less time managing appointments. Our software integrates with common calendar platforms and manages check-in and wait times with an interactive kiosk/queuing system and customizable virtual lobby.

Improve customer service

Businesses that use ConexED see a marked increase in appointments and improved customer service. Our customizable ConexED cards can be embedded anywhere in your company website, placing resources within easy reach.

How will ConexED scheduling benefit your business?

ConexED’s web-based web-based scheduling platform allows customers to get help quickly from any device, enables staff and executives to capture important meeting data, and empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions.

How Will ConexED Scheduling Benefit Your Campus?

ConexED’s web-based scheduling platform allows struggling students to get help quickly from any device, enables faculty, staff, and advisors to capture important meeting data, and empowers administrators to make data-driven decisions.

Customers love the convenience

  • Self-schedule from any device
  • Single sign-on option for easy access
  • Option for in-person or remote meetings
  • Automated email and text reminders

Employees love the ease of use

  • Eliminate manual imports and data entry
  • Increased accuracy in reporting
  • System integration for automatic data sharing
  • Enriched data gathered in every appointment
  • Informed decisions about resource allocation
institutions love the results

Executives love the results

  • Track everything in one system 
  • Simplify auditing and reporting
  • Make better, data-driven decisions for your business
  • Increase your bottom line

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