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ConexED Proves to be a Game Changer for Southwestern College

Southwestern College faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, with students struggling to access essential resources and maintain their academic progress. ConexED, a comprehensive student-support software platform, emerged as a key solution.

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ConexED Proves to be a Game Changer for Southwestern College

Innovative platform provides exceptional support during the pandemic and beyond

Southwestern College's successful implementation of ConexED demonstrates the platform's potential to revolutionize student support services and help educational institutions adapt to unprecedented challenges.

  • Andre Harris, Center Operations Supervisor at Southwestern's Higher Education Center at San Ysidro, credits ConexED with saving hundreds of students academically and helping them access vital resources such as food, housing, and other basic needs.
  • The platform helped Southwestern College increase enrollment rates from 400 FTE (full-time equivalent) to over 500 FTE during the pandemic lockdowns.
  • ConexED's features included instant chats with live humans, digital document signing, screen sharing for step-by-step instruction, live registration help, financial aid, tutoring support, and seamless document tracking and uploading.
  • As a result of the platform's success, the San Ysidro Center went viral, with digital waiting rooms filling up with current and prospective students seeking help.
  • Southwestern College has since adopted ConexED across all departments campus-wide, with a 96% approval rate from staff and students.
  • ConexED also played a crucial role in connecting San Ysidro students to Basic Needs resources like food, housing, transportation, and technology.

What Harris found the ConexED digital student services program helped with was easing student insecurity, the most prevalent roadblock he finds. "Students are always thinking they're going to fail at something, and we don't leave them hanging when we can solve their immediate concerns," he says. "Students are struggling; we're in the business of education; we find tools to get the job done for them."

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