Compliance Focused Virtual Office

With a focus on privacy and compliance, students can trust that their private meetings remain confidential and adhere to HIPAA, FERPA, and WCAG standards.

  • More opportunities, more flexibility, and more student support with ConexED’s Virtual Office
  • Facilitate dynamic discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, enhancing the overall virtual experience.
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Virtual Office Meetings come equipped with an array of powerful tools designed to enhance the meeting experience.

Virtual Office

Closed Captioning

Editable closed captioning means students can get accurate information in real-time, opening up new learning possibilities.

Sharable Whiteboards

Working online doesn't mean you can't work with others. Collaborate with ease using our sharable whiteboard feature.

Enhanced Organization

Never lose a thing with online document storing. Plus, intuitive reason codes and department transferring for ultimate productivity.

Virtual Office

Just Like a Real Office

Emulate the real office experience, with added benefits and features.

Enhanced Student Support

Offer more for your students when you give them an online option.

Easy Information Sharing

Share documents, whiteboards, computer screens, and more.

Calendar Sync FAQs

How does Calendar Sync integrate with the Google Calendar scheduling tool? 
By connecting to the ConexEd Calendar Sync, can others see my Google Calendar appointments?
Why use the ConexED calendar scheduling and sync tools? 

FERPA-Compliant Drop-In Meetings

ConexED's virtual office provides a secure and private environment for FERPA-compliant, one-on-one meetings between students and faculty/staff. It offers a safe space for students to communicate freely while equipping faculty/staff with the necessary tools to effectively accommodate and document each meeting. Within the Virtual Office, staff members can conveniently access a student's Appointment Details and seamlessly enter and synchronize meeting notes and documentation.

A student can initiate a FERPA-Compliant meeting in two primary ways:

Connect through Knock on Door – In ConexED, every Faculty/Staff member has their own ConexED Card that students can access in the Student Support Directory or wherever the Card is embedded: LMS, Webpage, Email… The Card has a Knock on Door button that initiates a Chat that can instantly turn into a private video meeting with tools for sharing, editing, and signing documents.

Connect through the Virtual Lobby – The Virtual Lobby replicates an on-campus waiting area outside the virtual office. Students access the Lobby via a direct URL or by being sent there from a ConexED Card Chat, a Virtual Office Meeting, or another Virtual Lobby. Inside the Lobby, a staff member can instantly start a private meeting with a student.

These Colleges Love ConexED

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Virtual Office
More opportunities, more flexibility, and more student support with ConexED’s Virtual Office

Promoting Equity in Education at American River College with ConexED

American River College (ARC) in Sacramento, California, serves over 30,000 students, many from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. ARC sought an online student engagement tool that aligned with these values and would support students facing various challenges.

Boost Efficiency with Seamless Scheduling

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Virtual Office