Stop Potential Student Issues Before They Happen with Early Alerts

Keep your students on track and ensure everyone is in the loop - all from one place.

  • Early Alerts are effective and easy to manage.
  • Create a culture of proactive support that sets them apart as thought leaders in the education ecosystem.
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Early Alerts: The Solution That Keeps Everyone On Board With Minimal Effort

Early Alerts

LMS Platform Integration

Our Early Alert System is fully integrated with the LMS Platform so staff can initiate alerts from a singular location.

Targeted Alerts

Choose from different alert types based on specific specialists, intervention approaches, and more to meet all needs.

Group Automation

Send alerts to entire groups to ensure that student intervention is done on time and by the right staff members.

Early Alerts

Trusted Student Privacy

Never worry about your students’ privacy with permissions and access level settings for faculty and staff.

Easy Customization

Tailor criteria based on the institution, staff, resources, student needs, and more.

Save Time and Resources

Get the most out of your staff and your institution as a whole with proper resource allocation.

Early Alerts
Early Alerts are effective and easy to manage.

Enhancing Virtual Student Services at LASC with ConexED

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a major global shift. Offices were forced to close down, and people had to start working from home. The Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) Counseling Department had to adapt to this new working method.