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Increase Student Enrollment

ConexED is changing the game when it comes to recruiting new students, thanks to our College Relationship Management (CRM) Platform.

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Wishing There Was a Better Way to Stop Potential Students From Floating Away? Now There Is.

ConexED's College Relationship Management (CRM) platform was built specifically to empower college recruitment teams. With our CRM, prospective students gain access to more ways they can engage through both in-person and online meetings and events. Your recruitment team will also gain significant insights into their target demographic, such as their behaviors, activities, interests, and more.

  • Increase Lead Conversions by 17%
  • Increase Student Retention by 16%

The ConexED CRM was purpose built to inspire unity across campus departments, and make it easier to engage with prospective students in a tailored way.

Follow along as we enable colleges to increase student enrollment

ConexED's Virtual One Stop Shop Empowers Adult Learners at Las Positas College

Online self-service appointment platforms and virtual one stop shop technology have made a significant difference in the experiences of students and staff at Las Positas College, empowering departments like Counseling to better serve the diverse needs and promote student engagement.