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Queueing and Line Management Solution

In today's digital age, where student interactions are not limited by geographical boundaries, the ConexED Queue Management, coupled with its Time Tracking feature, stands out as an innovative solution. 
This advanced tool enables students to seamlessly join a queue, check-in, clock in/clock out and more. It's an essential tool for efficiently handling walk-ins, pre-arranged meetings, and optimizing the management of departmental operations.

Streamline Your Department's Queue Management

  • Intuitive Queueing Admin Panel for easy and efficient management.
  • Detailed tracking features provide insights into student needs.
  • Integrated system to accommodate both remote and in-person visits.
  • Advanced remote check-in option allows students to secure their place ahead of time.

More than just a queueing system, it's a tool that elevates the student experience. 

One Tool for Queuing and Time Tracking

The ConexED system merges queueing and time management into one seamless device. Students can log in and navigate an easy-to-use menu to manage their tutoring sessions, sports requirements, or queue up for meetings, all integrated into one device.

Reason Code Based Drop-Ins for Tracking Student Success

The ConexED system enables the assignment of reason codes to every student drop-in, providing valuable insights into student needs and preferences. This enhances meeting efficiency by allowing students to communicate the purpose of their visit in advance, and it also allows staff to adjust these reason codes after the meeting. This ensures accurate and effective data collection for departmental analysis.

Flexible Meeting Options to Suit Every Students’ Needs

The ConexED system accommodates a variety of student interaction methods including in-person, remote or phone-based, and virtual drop-ins. It enables staff to swiftly send meeting links, ensuring a smooth and timely experience for students.
ConexED’s Queue Management and Time Tracking System is more than a tool; it's a comprehensive solution that enhances the overall student experience, making administrative interactions more efficient and student-focused.