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ConexED Business Intelligence Dashboard

All Your Performance Answers Are Here

With ConexED, keeping up with your students and their needs is easier than ever before. Everything you need is all in one easy-to-navigate, fully customizable platform so you can find what you need when you need it. With running a business, numbers are everything, and running an educational institution is no different.

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Answers when you need them, all from one location.

Keep Track of Your Performance

  • Run advanced reports instantly
  • Better understand student needs
  • Know where time is being spent
  • Predict future growth and results
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Know Exactly How You’re Performing at Any Given Time

  • 1

    Make Smarter Staffing Decisions

    Understand exactly where your staff is spending their time, as well as what students are asking for so you can ensure you’re neither understaffing or overstaffing.

  • 2

    Better Understand Student Needs

    Know when students ask for help, what they ask for help on, and who provides it for them. Even get to know the most in-demand courses and how students are performing in them.

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    Know Where You’re Headed

    With predictive analytics, you can see potential problems in advance and get custom insights into how to prevent them based on advanced performance data and analytics.

Built to Help You Do More for Your Students

A more convenient and education-specific FERPA and HIPAA-compliant meeting platform that keeps your faculty and staff available to your entire student body, making the opportunity for student success: limitless.

More Insights

Stop making guesses about what students need or where your resources are being used. Get the full picture so you can truly help your students succeed.

More Productivity

See where time is being spent by both students and staff so you can cut and add where you need to for enhanced productivity.

More Education

Our goal is the same as yours: enhancing education to provide more opportunities to students. With ConexED’s Business Intelligence Dashboard, the possibilities are endless.

Advanced Analytics for Every Aspect of Education

It’s time to remove the ambiguity, frustration, and guesswork in running an educational institution. Get real, accurate answers quickly and easily with ConexED’s Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Better Time Management with Code Tracking
Address Large-Scale Issues with Activity Reporting
Understand Student Demand with Activity Heat Maps
Improve Student Outcomes with Data Layering
Stop Problems Before They Arise With Predictive Analytics
Dashboards and Analytics

Student Analytics

Leverage one of the most powerful tools for tracking and engaging with students.

Leverage one of the most powerful tools for tracking and engaging with students.

See how customers like you have found success.

Explore our case studies to see how colleges like yours have transformed student engagement and success using ConexED's innovative solutions.

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Get the Full Picture and Enhance Education with ConexED’s Business Intelligence Dashboard.

With running a business, numbers are everything, and running an educational institution is no different. Conversion rates, expense reports, profit margins - these are just a few of the critical facets you need to have available at your disposal at all times, and that’s exactly what you get with ConexED’s Business Intelligence Reporting and Dashboards.

A three-week onboarding period

Unlike other education software companies, which take over 12 months to implement their software fully, ConexED can onboard a new partner school in three weeks. We work around the college’s schedule and will fly out to your college to offer in-person onboarding and training sessions to ensure everyone can ConexED with confidence.

Individual department training

After purchasing ConexED, you have the option for a remote or on-site implementation. We will assign you an Implementation Specialist to work with you to determine the best plan for your college and department. Each department will be trained separately to ensure that the Virtual One-Stop-Shop is set up to meet their specific needs.

Consistent software updates and personalized product management

We are constantly working to make our software better. Our development team operates on two-week sprints, pushing out new features, bug fixes, and new solutions every two weeks. This timeline is unheard of in the EdTech industry, as most updates and releases come out anywhere between 6 to 12 months. We also connect each institution with a personalized Account Manager, who you can access anytime.

Partner feedback

ConexED appreciates and graciously integrates partner feedback. We know we aren’t the ones using ConexED, and in order to make the best and most helpful product possible, we have to have thick skin and large, receptive ears.