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Efficient and Scalable Student Caseload Management

ConexED Early Alert and Case Management Solution

ConexED revolutionizes staff efficiency by automating tasks and reducing redundancy, while providing a fully customizable, all-in-one platform for seamless project management. With everything you need in one place,  empowering you to access what you need precisely when you need it.

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Get Proactive and Early Alerts, Integration Directly into LMS, and Easy Project Management

Effortless Caseload Management: Simplify Your Workload

  • Seamless communication for efficient case management
  • Use early alerts for proactive and effective intervention
  • Streamline processes through customization and automation
  • LMS integration for student conduct intervention

The Unbeatable Solution For Staff

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    Manage From One Place

    Everything you need to manage your student case load can be accessed from one place - and the same is true for your students with the Student Dashboard.

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    Automate Your Process

    With fully customizable onboarding registration forms and tasks, you can set up your process once and never worry about having to do it again - saving you time and energy.

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    Stay Up to Date

    Whether it’s milestone completion, e-Signatures, or changes in schedules and meeting times, ConexED makes sure you stay in the know with real-time updates.

Designed to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to onboarding new students and maintaining current ones, it can seem like the task list never ends and only keeps growing. But what if we told you there’s a better way? Take charge of student case management with ConexED.

Proactive Stance in Monitoring Student Academic Progress
Automated Early Alerts Saves You Time
Effective Case Management Thrives on Seamless Collaboration
Empower Advisors, Staff, and Faculty to Work Together Seamlessly
Customized for Specialized Departments for Targeted Intervention
Flexibility to Define User Roles and Permissions
Messaging and Notifications

Early Alerts

Early Alerts: The Solution That Keeps Everyone On Board With Minimal Effort

Early Alerts: The Solution That Keeps Everyone On Board With Minimal Effort
Student Tracking and Analytics

Proactive Alerts

Increase Retention Rates and Degree Completion with Proactive Alerts

Increase Retention Rates and Degree Completion with Proactive Alerts
Messaging and Notifications

Email + SMS Alerts

Send notifications that students will actually see.

Send notifications that students will actually see.

See how customers like you have found success.

Explore our case studies to see how colleges like yours have transformed student engagement and success using ConexED's innovative solutions.

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Utilizing ConexED Data Analysis for Efficient Decision Making at ACC Tutoring Center


Increasing Retention through tutoring using enhanced scheduling & queueing systems.


Providing Multi-Modal Tutoring Services Resulting in a 96% Satisfaction Rate


ConexED Boosts International Student Success at Lake Tahoe Community College


End Tech Fatigue and Embrace the Student Experience Evolution.

Looking for a way to provide better services to students while actually lessening staff workload? There is a way: ConexED’s Student Case Manager.

Agile Onboarding

Unlike other education software companies, which take over 12 months to implement their software fully, ConexED can onboard a new partner school in six weeks. We work around the college’s schedule and will fly out to your college to offer in-person onboarding and training sessions to ensure everyone can ConexED with confidence.

Individual department training

After purchasing ConexED, you have the option for a remote or on-site implementation. We will assign you an Implementation Specialist to work with you to determine the best plan for your college and department. Each department will be trained separately to ensure that the solution is set up to meet their specific needs.

Consistent software updates and personalized product management

We are constantly working to make our software better. Our development team operates on two-week sprints, pushing out new features, bug fixes, and new solutions every two weeks. This timeline is unheard of in the EdTech industry, as most updates and releases come out anywhere between 6 to 12 months. We also connect each institution with a personalized Account Manager, who you can access anytime.

Partner feedback

ConexED appreciates and graciously integrates partner feedback. We know we aren’t the ones using ConexED, and in order to make the best and most helpful product possible, we have to have thick skin and large, receptive ears.

See What Your Institution is Capable of Accomplishing With ConexED’s Student Case Management

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More automated alerts

Automated alerts play a crucial role in keeping students on track and ensuring they meet important milestones. When Case Management is activated, customized alerts can be sent to remind students of upcoming milestones, such as meetings with advisors or deadlines for declaring majors.


More collaboration

Through secure and user-friendly interfaces, stakeholders can effortlessly exchange critical information. Monitor progress, and document interventions while fostering a culture of collaboration, enabling effective coordination and resource allocation to address student needs proactively.


More positive outcomes

By seamlessly combining critical data insights across diverse student support services, the solution is designed to enhance operational efficiency, unearth untapped opportunities, and empower institutions to drive positive outcomes in three key areas: student success, staff efficiency, and retention and graduation rates.