Purdue Global Student Support through Tutoring Case Study

Purdue Global Enhances Student Support with ConexED's Integrated Online Platform

Purdue Global leveraged ConexED's integrated online platform to bolster its student support services to its 48,000 students. This case study showcases how streamlined scheduling, efficient management of tutoring demands, and high-quality virtual learning environments led to high student satisfaction and staff efficiency, demonstrating the transformative impact of ConexED's solutions.

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Purdue Global Enhances Student Support with ConexED's Integrated Online Platform

Streamlined Scheduling and High-Quality Virtual Learning Boost Student Satisfaction and Efficiency


Purdue Global aimed to enhance its student support services by implementing an integrated online platform. By offering a seamless scheduling experience, managing tutoring demands efficiently, and delivering high-quality virtual learning, the university sought to ensure high student satisfaction and staff efficiency. This case study highlights the remarkable results achieved, the challenges faced, and the innovative solutions implemented through the strategic deployment of ConexED.


  1. High Discipline Demand:
    • Math and Writing Centers: Achieved 2,048 and 1,672 sessions respectively, showcasing the platform’s effectiveness in high-demand areas.
    • Engagement: High engagement levels in critical academic disciplines.
  2. Efficient Personal Meetings:
    • Versatility: Managed personal meetings effectively, demonstrating the platform’s versatility in addressing individual student needs.
    • Personalized Support: Staff ability to offer tailored support for diverse student requirements.
  3. Strong Survey Results:
    • High Satisfaction Rate: Achieved a 96% satisfaction rate, particularly for Writing and Math Center Tutors, indicating exceptional service quality.
    • Positive Feedback: High levels of student satisfaction with the support services provided.


  • High Tutoring Demand: Managing the high demand for tutoring services across multiple academic disciplines.
  • Need for Efficiency: Ensuring efficient management of tutoring sessions and personalized support.
  • Maintaining Quality: Delivering a high-quality, interactive virtual learning environment while meeting diverse student needs.


To address these challenges, Purdue Global implemented ConexED’s integrated online platform. This approach provided critical insights into tutoring demands and allowed for efficient management of student support services. Key actions included:

  1. Streamlined Scheduling:
    • Seamless Experience: Provided a seamless scheduling experience for various tutoring services, ensuring easy access for students.
    • Efficiency: Streamlined the scheduling process to manage high tutoring demand effectively.
  2. Data-Driven Management:
    • High-Demand Areas: Focused on high-demand areas like Math and Writing Centers, achieving significant engagement levels.
    • Personal Meetings: Utilized reason code-managed personal meetings to address individual student needs efficiently.
  3. High-Quality Virtual Learning:
    • Interactive Environment: Delivered a high-quality, interactive virtual learning environment that met diverse student needs.
    • Satisfaction and Efficiency: Ensured high student satisfaction and staff efficiency, as evidenced by strong survey results.

This case study demonstrates the significant impact of ConexED's integrated online platform on enhancing student support services at Purdue Global. By aligning resources with student needs and improving scheduling and management processes, the university significantly improved the learning environment and overall student satisfaction.

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