Enhance Student Success with Proactive Alerts

With future forward, Proactive Alerts, you can enhance a students experience by inviting them to engage in opportunities to get more involved and make a bigger impact.

  • Proactive Alerts are the best way to increase on-campus activity engagement.
  • Invite students to engage on-campus doing things they excel at.
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Increase Retention Rates and Degree Completion with Proactive Alerts

Proactive Alerts

Scheduled Alerts

Schedule event and opportunity announcements to go out at specific times for optimal student engagement.

Automated Categorization

Never worry about making sure alerts go to the right people - proactive alerts can be set up to be sent out based on student criteria.

Multi-Alert Assigning

Students can belong to multiple criteria groups so they can receive Proactive Alerts for multiple types of activities and opportunities.

Proactive Alerts

Easy to Use For Staff

With integration into your LMS system, sending Proactive Alerts is fast, easy, and intuitive for staff.

Easy Alert Management

Build your Proactive Alert teams so that each staff member can easily manage cases.

Enhances Student Fulfillment

Help students feel like they belong and have a purpose by inviting them to join in on activities and opportunities on campus.

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Proactive Alerts
Proactive Alerts are the best way to increase on-campus activity engagement.

ConexED's Flexibility Solves Scheduling Challenges for UPenn's Athletic Department

UPenn's Athletic Department faced scheduling challenges and athlete care concerns. ConexED's advanced features and HIPAA compliance revolutionized scheduling, streamlining operations and supporting student-athlete care.

Boost Efficiency with Seamless Scheduling

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Proactive Alerts