Virtual Events Tailored to the Needs of Students

ConexED's Virtual Event Space provides an immersive and customizable experience, equipped with advanced features designed to enhance engagement and collaboration.

  • Perfect for hosting orientation, group workshops and teaching virtual classes.
  • Engaging Breakout Rooms that allows moderators' video feed to remain visible in all breakout rooms.
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Reinvent what higher education looks like with virtual events.

Virtual Events

LMS Roster Integration

Pull an entire class into a virtual event space seamlessly.

Custom Event Registrations

Know exactly how many students plan to attend through seat registration, as well as any other information you need by sending out custom registration forms for the event being hosted.

Track Attendance

Easily keep up with how many students attend, and when they access the meeting and leave the meeting.

Virtual Events

Collaborate through Breakout Rooms

Customize the segmentation of students and which rooms they are assigned to. Use the Admin view to see into all breakout rooms at once.

Encourage Participation with Polls

Engage participants with interactive polls, leveraging real-time feedback to drive discussions and gather valuable insights.

Robust Browser Based Experience

Nothing to download, quick access directly from browser. The Virtual Event Space is equipped with all the tools you need.

Calendar Sync FAQs

How does Calendar Sync integrate with the Google Calendar scheduling tool? 
By connecting to the ConexEd Calendar Sync, can others see my Google Calendar appointments?
Why use the ConexED calendar scheduling and sync tools? 

Built for Educational Institutions

Virtual Office Meetings and Virtual Events come equipped with an array of powerful tools designed to enhance the meeting experience. Features such as screen sharing, the Document Library, whiteboard collaboration, and document signing capabilities provide a comprehensive set of functionalities within the virtual office space. Additional tools include mute/unmute options, webcam controls, recording functionalities, document uploading and sharing, screen sharing, chat, and lobby access.

These Colleges Love ConexED

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Virtual Events
Perfect for hosting orientation, group workshops and teaching virtual classes.

ConexED Enhances Accessibility and Student Support at Barstow Community College

ConexED scheduling and virtual one-stop-shop solutions has made a significant impact on student and staff experiences at Barstow Community College.

Boost Efficiency with Seamless Scheduling

Contact us to learn more about our calendar sync feature and full scheduling solution. 

Virtual Events