Make Every Meeting Count with Customized Intake Forms

ConexED’s customized intake forms ensure students and staff alike are 100% prepared for meetings.

  • Get everyone on the same page every time.
  • Ensure each party comes fully prepared.
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Intake forms are revolutionizing meetings by enhancing purpose and productivity.

Customized Intake Forms

Intuitive Form Customization

Build forms fit for you by simply dragging and dropping the field types you need. You can also adjust the fields to fit your specifications.

Easy Document Uploading

Whether you need signed documents, or the latest transcript, students can be prompted and required to submit that information through the form.

Group Template Options

Don't waste time recreating the same form again and again. Create group templates instead that can be used by the entire department.  

Customized Intake Forms

No More Wasted Meeting Time

With intake forms, everyone knows what they need before the meeting.

No More Digging for Documents

Access your documents from the form so you don't have to hunt them down.

No More Staff-Student Confusion

You'll both know the purpose of the meeting and what you need for it.

Calendar Sync FAQs

How does Calendar Sync integrate with the Google Calendar scheduling tool? 
By connecting to the ConexEd Calendar Sync, can others see my Google Calendar appointments?
Why use the ConexED calendar scheduling and sync tools? 

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Customized Intake Forms
Get everyone on the same page every time.

ConexED Proves to be a Game Changer for Southwestern College

Southwestern College faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, with students struggling to access essential resources and maintain their academic progress. ConexED, a comprehensive student-support software platform, emerged as a key solution.

Boost Efficiency with Seamless Scheduling

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Customized Intake Forms