Improve DEI in Higher Education

Earning a college degree is challenging. For those individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly those who are first-generation college students, the barriers are even greater. Just trying to navigate the complex nature of higher education can be overwhelming.

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Products and Solutions to Foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Colleges around America

At ConexED, we're committed to dismantling the barriers that often impede students' pursuit of higher education. Understanding the complexity and overwhelming nature of the higher education landscape, we create tailored solutions that enhance accessibility and empower students to easily access the support they need.

  • Enhancing student engagement with proactive alerts
  • Streamlining scheduling and reminders

Our goal is to help every student realize their full potential, regardless of their background or ability.

Follow our journey to create a more inclusive and accessible education

ConxED User-Friendly Platform Enhances Student and Educator Experience

Chaffey College adopts ConxED, a user-friendly virtual counseling platform, enhancing student and educator experiences. The system supports diverse students, streamlines appointment scheduling, and offers features like screen sharing and virtual walk-in lobbies for seamless communication and academic assistance.