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ConexED Appointment and Event Scheduling Solution

The Only Student Scheduling Software Your Institution Needs

Allow your students to book appointments with college staff at the click of a button! ConexED's Appointment and Event Scheduling solution allows reason code-based scheduling, customizable office hours and busy events, and full integration with both Google and Outlook—without the risk of faculty and staff being double-booked.

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Planning, scheduling, reminders, and more.

Focus on Education, Not Office Work

  • Make staff and student scheduling simple like it should be
  • Create consistent communication
  • Streamline productivity with customization
  • Keep students, faculty, and staff engaged
EOPS/ CARE Intake form appointment schedule

More Than an Appointment and Event Scheduling Solution – We’re Enhancing Education

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    Get On the Same Page.

    In today’s busy world, lining up student and staff schedules can seem impossible. Yet it’s critical to students’ success. ConexED can do it for you—a scheduling platform built for colleges and other higher education institutions.

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    Make the Most of Your Time.

    Stop wasting time on scheduling. Instead, let our Appointment and Event Scheduler help you set meeting reason codes tied to custom durations, buffers and locations.

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    Less Mistakes, Less Confusion, More Connection.

    Thanks to our fully integrated scheduling system, complete with automatic reminders and customized intake forms, students can provide essential details when scheduling appointments, enabling staff to jump right in and deliver tailored support.

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Students & Staff Are Buzzing About ConexED

“As a college counselor, I use ConexED on a daily basis to assist students virtually … The access students have to speak to a counselor whether it is by making an appointment, joining a walk-in lobby, or knocking on a virtual door is so incredible. I have been pleased with ConexED and would highly recommend the system to other institutions.”

Fabiola Espita
Counselor, Career Center
Chaffey College

"I meet with many students throughout the day. Doing all aspects of my work within the ConexED platform, without having to switch systems for different tasks, has saved me time and resulted in a more efficient way to get my work done. ConexED has made the transition to the home office smooth and less stressful, and I will continue utilizing it as I transition back into being on campus."

Sandy Diaz
Counseling Faculty
Los Angeles Southwest College

Create the Dream Team

Staff, faculty, and students spend a lot of time together. Make it count with a system that’s designed to make communication between the three seamless and efficient, creating a dream team destined for success.

Get College Students, Staff & Faculty in Sync With Scheduling

Make the time spent with students count with a system designed to make communication between staff, faculty and students seamless and efficient.

Access scheduling from any device and virtually any platform
Never lose important meeting notes
Automated messages to avoid miscommunications
Easy data reporting to fulfill state funding requirements
Keep staff and student information private
Customizable intake notes for meeting preparation
Virtual Engagement Tools

ConexED Cards

With ConexED Cards, students no longer have to search for the support they need.

With ConexED Cards, students no longer have to search for the support they need.
Appointment Scheduling

Office Hours

Finally, a quick and easy solution to effectively scheduling office hours.

Finally, a quick and easy solution to effectively scheduling office hours.
Messaging and Notifications

Email + SMS Alerts

Send notifications that students will actually see.

Send notifications that students will actually see.
Appointment Scheduling

Customized Intake Forms

Intake forms are revolutionizing meetings by enhancing purpose and productivity.

Intake forms are revolutionizing meetings by enhancing purpose and productivity.
Appointment Scheduling

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync Features & Benefits

Calendar Sync Features & Benefits

End Tech Fatigue and Embrace the Student Experience Evolution

Tired of software companies over-promising and under-delivering? We were, too. That’s why we created a student appointment scheduler for colleges that is more dynamic and integrated than anything else on the market—seamless, foolproof, and effective.

A three-week onboarding period

Unlike other higher education software companies, which take over 12 months to implement their software fully, ConexED can onboard a new partner school in three weeks. We work around the college’s schedule and will even fly out to offer in-person onboarding and training sessions to ensure complete confidence.

Individual department training

After purchasing ConexED student scheduling software, you have the option for a remote or on-site implementation. We will assign you an Implementation Specialist to work with you to determine the best plan for your college and department. Each department will be trained separately to ensure that the Virtual One-Stop-Shop is set up to meet their specific needs.

Consistent software updates and personalized product management

We are constantly working to make our higher education scheduling software better. Our development team operates on two-week sprints, pushing out new features, bug fixes, and new solutions every two weeks. This timeline is unheard of in the EdTech industry, as most updates and releases come out as infrequently as every 6 to 12 months. We also connect each institution with a personalized Account Manager, who you can access anytime.

Partner feedback

ConexED appreciates and graciously integrates partner feedback. We know we aren’t the ones using ConexED—so to make the best and most helpful product possible, we’re all ears and open to tough feedback.

See how customers like you have found success.

Explore our case studies to see how colleges like yours have transformed student engagement and success using ConexED's innovative solutions.

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Experience New Possibilities in Higher Education with Dynamic Appointment Scheduling Software

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Use the Dynamic Scheduler with the calendar and messaging platforms you prefer, including Google and Microsoft platforms. Thanks to full integration capabilities, there’s no need to switch back and forth or transfer everything to another new system.



Get automated meeting reminders, cancellation notifications, and even student intake forms for pre-meeting preparation, making the process more efficient so everyone can put their focus on where it belongs—education.



Make the Dynamic Scheduler work for you with custom schedules, meeting types, and other settings. Choose from a variety of templates, make changes as you see fit, or build forms and automated messages from scratch. The choice is yours.