Appointment Scheduling System for Higher Education

ConexED cloud-based higher education appointment scheduling software is designed for seamless coordination of appointments held virtually, by phone, or on campus.

  • Setting office hours to meet staff and student needs has never been simpler.
  • Avoid inconvenient meeting times while still prioritizing students.
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Finally, a quick and easy solution to effectively scheduling office hours.

Office Hours

Fully Customizable Hours

Whether availability varies from day to day or is like clockwork, you can customize office hours to reflect schedules easily.  

Reason Codes for Ease

Instead of manually reentering your office hours every time there's a change, use preset reasons codes to quickly make schedule updates.

Varying Levels of Setup

Set office hours at the individual, group, and department levels, depending on what you need.

Office Hours

Take Control of Scheduling

Get students and staff on the same page, regardless of schedule changes

Organize Days More Effectively

With full calendar integration, easily see where you can set office hours.

Seamless Calendar Integration

With push/pull integration into Outlook and Gmail, you'll never be double booked or booked at an unavailable time again.

Calendar Sync FAQs

How does Calendar Sync integrate with the Google Calendar scheduling tool? 
By connecting to the ConexEd Calendar Sync, can others see my Google Calendar appointments?
Why use the ConexED calendar scheduling and sync tools? 

Scalable and Adaptable to All the Ways Students Access Support

Use the appointment scheduling software for one-to-one and group meetings, large virtual or on-campus events, equipment reservations, and more. Built for all the ways students access support, the ConexED scheduler is built for the needs of higher education institutions, responsive on any device and adaptable to every student service process. The scheduling system’s unlimited custom locations and reason codes allow you to scale your services in every department of your higher education institution.

School Faculty/Staff and Front Desk Agents can schedule appointments for themselves and for others and can manage their appointments via their ConexED calendar or via a fully synced, real-time calendar integration with Google and Office 365.

Students can self-schedule using a direct link or by clicking the Schedule Meeting button on a ConexED user’s Card. Custom meeting durations and end-of-meeting buffers allow you to accommodate student needs and staff office hours while maximizing appointment availability.

One Integrated System Creates Safe Pathways and Increased Engagement

Students and staff will appreciate the safety provided by ConexED scheduler and virtual meeting integration that generates a unique URL for each appointment. The SAML2 Single Sign On and OAuth 2.0 guest registration options ensure authentication and authorization of every login and use of the scheduler. Your staff will never be confronted by an uninvited attendee.

The scheduler and virtual meeting integration also grants staff access to Appointment Details right inside the virtual space. Like a digital folder, the synced Appointment Details enable school staff to document a student’s visit realtime and to view past meeting notes, the Intake Form, and send a Staff Review Form with the next steps for keeping the student on track. Note privacy-level options further enforce the safety and security of the FERPA, HIPAA, and ADA compliant ConexED cloud-based platform.

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Office Hours
Setting office hours to meet staff and student needs has never been simpler.

Promoting Equity in Education at American River College with ConexED

American River College (ARC) in Sacramento, California, serves over 30,000 students, many from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. ARC sought an online student engagement tool that aligned with these values and would support students facing various challenges.

Boost Efficiency with Seamless Scheduling

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Office Hours