Student Support Has Never Been Easier with ConexED Cards

With ConexED Cards, students, no longer have to search for the support they need - it’s all laid out and easy to access from one location.

  • Allow students to virtually "Knock on Your Door" to get quick answers to simple questions.
  • Embed ConexED Cards on your website, and LMS so students can find the support they need quickly.
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ConexED Cards are Revolutionizing Student Support and Engagement

ConexED Cards

Quick Access

Direct URLs can be embedded in buttons and placed on websites for easy access to services. 

Student Support Directory

Instantly see what departments and staff are available to provide support at any given time.

Embed Anywhere

Add ConexED Cards to your institution’s website and within your LMS so students can access the support they need where they're at.

ConexED Cards

Unique Virtual Lobby Experience

Virtual lobbies serve as the digital spaces where students are warmly greeted and await their turn to connect with a staff member.

Integrated Appointment Scheduling

Whether students are on or off campus, our scheduling system meets them where they are, providing a tailored experience and empowering efficient and personalized support.

Instant Messaging

In today's fast-paced digital world, students expect quick and convenient ways to connect with the support services they need within their institution.

ConexED Cards
Allow students to virtually "Knock on Your Door" to get quick answers to simple questions.

ConexED Enhances Accessibility and Student Support at Barstow Community College

ConexED scheduling and virtual one-stop-shop solutions has made a significant impact on student and staff experiences at Barstow Community College.