Effortlessly Obtain Signatures with ConexED's Document eSignature Tool

Approved by the Department of Education, this digital signature tool streamlines processes such as signing financial aid forms, application documents, and degree plans.

  • Save time. Stay organized. Sign electronically.
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Get important documents signed quickly and easily.

Document eSignature

Make it a Milestone

Assign students e-signature milestones with trackable deadlines that they can complete on their own time, versus having to come into the office to do paperwork.

Choose Your Style

Manually write out signatures using the mouse. Or, just type it using the keyboard and a cursive font. The choice is yours.

Upload in Real-Time

Staff can guide students through paperwork over a video meeting, with signatures and documents being uploaded in real-time.

Document eSignature

Never Lose Documents

All documents are automatically stored within the individual student profile for both student and staff members to access or download whenever they need.

Sign From Anywhere with Any Device

No office visits required for signing documents, students can sign without any special technology or downloads.

Never Doubt Validity

Our eSignature tool is approved by the Department of Education for use on all enrollment, financial aid and degree planning documents.

Document eSignature
Save time. Stay organized. Sign electronically.

Enhancing Virtual Student Services at LASC with ConexED

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a major global shift. Offices were forced to close down, and people had to start working from home. The Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) Counseling Department had to adapt to this new working method.