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Enhancing Virtual Student Services at LASC with ConexED

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a major global shift. Offices were forced to close down, and people had to start working from home. The Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) Counseling Department had to adapt to this new working method.

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Enhancing Virtual Student Services at LASC with ConexED

Successfully adopteding ConexED's student services platform to deliver high-quality counseling and support to students remotely.

ConexED platform's features, such as document sharing, screen sharing, and efficient scheduling, have streamlined the online advising process, making the transition to remote counseling smoother for both students and counselors.

  • Transition to remote counseling: When Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) shifted to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, counselors had to adapt to providing quality support and services to students online.
  • ConexED as a vital tool: LASC counselors began using ConexED's student services platform to provide counseling from home, enabling them to deliver the same services virtually through the Cranium Cafe meeting space.
  • Comprehensive platform: Students can access the ConexED platform to meet with academic counselors, send messages when counselors are offline, and create appointments with the scheduling system.
  • Document sharing and collaboration: ConexED allows counselors to upload and share documents with students, mark them up in real-time, and enable students to save copies for future reference, thus enhancing the online advising process.
  • Screen sharing for application support: Counselors can use ConexED's screen sharing feature to help students with college applications, reviewing them together and providing advice to improve their chances of admission.
  • Improved efficiency: ConexED's all-in-one platform saves time and streamlines workflows, making the transition to remote counseling smoother and less stressful for LASC counselors.

"I meet with many students throughout the day. Doing all aspects of my work within the same ConexED platform without having to switch systems for the different tasks that I need to do has saved time and resulted in a more efficient way to get my work done. ConexED has made the transition to the home office smooth and less stressful, and I will continue utilizing it as I transition back into being on campus."

Sandy Diaz - Counseling faculty at Los Angeles Southwest College, part of the Los Angeles Community College District.

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