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ConexED is the First Student Services Management Platform of Its Kind.

At ConexED, our core mission is to improve student learning outcomes by increasing student access and equity, which is at the heart and foundation of everything we do.Together we can achieve the goal of creating “Cindy Clark moments” for every student on every campus.

It’s the ConexED Way.

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ConexED is Streamlining the Student Experience

We understand the critical role that colleges play in supporting student success. That is why we are committed to providing colleges across the nation with the tools they need to achieve their goals. Our innovative solutions and comprehensive support services are designed to help institutions streamline their operations, enhance communication and engagement, and promote student success. ConexED has evolved into the premier enterprise student success platform nationwide, currently partnered with:

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What started ConexED?

Tracy Gorham, the founder of ConexED, was not easily defined by conventional labels, much like many students today. At the age of 16, she found herself emancipated and left to navigate her own path without any support. Determined to change her future, Tracy enrolled at Salt Lake Community College, where she encountered an advisor named Cindy Clark. Cindy played a pivotal role in Tracy's journey, teaching her how to complete essential paperwork and secure the necessary funding for her college education.

After a few years, Tracy returned to college and enrolled into a program designed for business professionals already deep into their careers. However, she noticed that the program had a high rate of failure, primarily due to the lack of accessible support. Tracy's personal experiences and the challenges faced by her peers fueled her determination to make a difference. She realized her calling was to create a platform that would simplify the process of obtaining the support needed to achieve college dreams for students, regardless of their backgrounds, abilities, or locations. This realization led to the founding of ConexED, a platform aimed at revolutionizing student support and empowering college students to overcome obstacles and succeed academically.

“Student success is everyone’s success.”

- Tracy Gorham, Founder and CEO of ConexED

Since 2016, ConexED has been unifying campus departments and bringing the highest level of equity and access to all students. Our enterprise solution helps institutions track and manage students from onboarding to completion and ensures an equitable enrollment to graduation for all students regardless of ability or location. Deep analytical data is created within our platform that tells a personalized student journey from enrollment to completion. Using one platform, information is readily available to report on all level engagements, achievements, and segmentation based on basic needs and demographical data.

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