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Video Conferencing for Education

Supercharge Your Efficiency with Better Virtual Meetings

Our Virtual One-Stop-Shop video conferencing platform was built for education—to maximize efficiency for staff and students with easy-to-use video meeting workflows. Track and control every engagement while empowering students to connect with the person or department they need on-demand through instant messaging, video meetings, email, and virtual lobbies. Convenient, compatible, and endlessly helpful—that’s ConexED’s video platform for education.

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Trusted by Leading Institutions for a Better Video Conferencing Experience

  • Leverage our Zoom Integration to meet with students 
  • Connect with more students, more efficiently
  • Simplify the online student and staff experience
  • Retain more happy students and staff
  • Empower faculty and staff to work remotely

More than Video Conferencing for Education—ConexED is a Relationship Builder

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    Engage All Your Students

    Today’s students have more complexities, more nuances, and infinitely busier lives. They need a platform that enables faculty and staff to meet them wherever they are. Learn more about transforming your student engagement strategy.

  • 2

    Take Down Barriers, Augment Possibilities

    No more barriers. No more interruptions. Our video platform for education makes enrollment and support more efficient and effortless for faculty, staff, and students. Students can quickly join or be transferred from lobby to lobby instantly.

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    Fewer Glitches, Less Frustration, More Impact

    The demands on faculty and staff have grown. With a higher student-to-staff ratio to manage and care for, the daily grind and technical complexities can get in the way of their passion and productivity. The specifically tailored for higher education Virtual One-Stop Shop gives them their time back and allows them to serve more students.

The Leading Video Platform for Education

This FERPA and HIPAA compliant video conferencing for education is ideal for staff and students. Enjoy a built-in virtual lobby that keeps faculty and staff accessible, making the opportunity for student success limitless.

Empowering Education through 1:1 and Group Video Meetings

Whether it's a private one-on-one meeting or a group session with up to twenty participants, our video platform for education ensures a smooth and immersive video conferencing experience. Capture valuable discussions by recording meetings and leverage the full suite of Virtual Office Meeting Tools. These tools include a document library equipped with drawing and writing functionalities, digital signatures, and the ability to save documents as PDFs.

Collaborate More Effectively through Virtual Lobbies

Whether in a group or individual lobby, students can engage in chat conversations to seek guidance, ask questions, or discuss their concerns. This collaborative environment fosters open communication, enabling students to receive prompt responses and tailored assistance from faculty, advisors, or support staff.

Experience the Power of On-Demand Student Services

Our innovative chat messaging system is designed to capture student queries with ease. Staff can take notes based on chat conversations and instantly push them into the SIS. With student-selected reason codes, our video conferencing for education enables staff to provide seamless support to students and ensure that their concerns are addressed appropriately. The system also timestamps each message, which makes it easier to track and convert the chat into an appointment, if required.

Virtual Engagement Tools

ConexED Cards

With ConexED Cards, students no longer have to search for the support they need.

With ConexED Cards, students no longer have to search for the support they need.
Virtual Engagement Tools

Virtual Events

Reinvent what higher education looks like with virtual events.

Reinvent what higher education looks like with virtual events.
Virtual Engagement Tools

Virtual Office

Virtual Office Meetings come equipped with an array of powerful tools designed to enhance the meeting experience.

Virtual Office Meetings come equipped with an array of powerful tools designed to enhance the meeting experience.
Virtual Engagement Tools

Virtual Lobby

Deliver warm handoffs and high-touch collaboration.

Deliver warm handoffs and high-touch collaboration.
Virtual Engagement Tools

Document eSignature

Get important documents signed quickly and easily.

Get important documents signed quickly and easily.

See how customers like you have found success.

Explore our case studies to see how colleges like yours have transformed student engagement and success using ConexED's video conferencing platform.

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Utilizing ConexED Data Analysis for Efficient Decision Making at ACC Tutoring Center


Increasing Retention through tutoring using enhanced scheduling & queueing systems.


End Tech Fatigue and Embrace Video Conferencing Built for Education

Tired of software companies over-promising and under-delivering? We are too. That’s why we made a Virtual One-Stop Shop—a flexible video conferencing solution that works seamlessly and isn’t hard to figure out.

Agile Onboarding Approach

We facilitate a dynamic onboarding approach designed to enhance team performance and drive student success. By fostering collaboration, adaptability, and continuous improvement, this innovative methodology empowers teams to adopt the ConexED video conferencing platform campus-wide. Embracing the Agile onboarding approach unleashes team potential, streamlines operations, and ensures an engaging and successful implementation experience for every institution.

Individual Department Training

After purchasing ConexED video conferencing, you have the option for a remote or on-site implementation. We will assign you an Implementation Specialist to work with you to determine the best plan for your college and department. Each department will be trained separately to ensure that the Virtual One-Stop Shop is set up to meet their specific needs.

Consistent Software Updates and Personalized Product Management

We are constantly working to make our video conferencing software better. Our development team operates on two-week sprints, pushing out new features, bug fixes, and new solutions every two weeks. This timeline is unheard of in the EdTech industry, as most updates and releases come out as infrequently as every 6 to 12 months. We also connect each institution with a personalized Account Manager, who you can access anytime.

Partner Feedback

ConexED appreciates and graciously integrates partner feedback. We know we aren’t the ones using ConexED—so to make the best and most helpful product possible, we’re all ears and open to tough feedback. 

Video Conferencing Features Built Around Education

Discover how Virtual One-Stop Shop can enhance your student experience.

Transfer Students to Different Virtual Meeting Lobbies
After-hours, Student-Facing Scheduling System
Add Meeting Notes and Transcripts to Any Call
Safe and Secure Document Signature Tool for Education
Virtual Lobby Live Queuing System
Work on Documents Together, in Real Time
Recorded Screen Sharing
Accessible Closed Captioning

An Upgrade from Your Current Video Conferencing for Education

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Other video conference platforms have limited in-meeting capabilities. What makes ConexED different is that we enable staff and students to sign documents virtually, share a working document, edit closed captioning in real-time, or record reason codes and track those engagements per student record.


More security

ConexED has built top-level FERPA and HIPAA feature flags throughout our video platform and virtual meeting software, ensuring that vital information is kept safe and private.


More equitable access

Our comprehensive video platform ensures that students facing challenges related to device and connectivity, transportation, and privacy still receive the same level of support. This means that students do not need any special equipment or applications to take advantage of the ConexED platform.