Everything in One Place with ConexED's Student Dashboard

Students can access appointments, milestones, analytics, early alerts, and more from one location.

  • Staff can review important student details such as cases, milestones, success scores and more.
  • Students can easily access their support staff, check on their outstanding tasks and prepare for upcoming appointments all in one place.
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Create convenience for students and staff by having all information in one place.

Student Dashboard

Student Success Stories

Keep track of student progress with our Success Stories feature that showcases where students are at during any given moment.

Powerful Analytics

Use real-time analytics to develop targeted messages and easily track current and prospective students.

Built-In Student Support

A student support network is built into the dashboard so students can easily find the right staff member when they need them.

Student Dashboard

Easy Progress Tracking

Students can know where they stand and what needs doing at all times.

Pertinent Student Information At A Glance

Staff can access a students dashboard and quickly review cases, form fills, meeting reason codes, notes and more.

Easy Notification Sending

Staff can quickly send SMS texts, Emails or Push Notifications so students never go without the information they need again.

Calendar Sync FAQs

How does Calendar Sync integrate with the Google Calendar scheduling tool? 
By connecting to the ConexEd Calendar Sync, can others see my Google Calendar appointments?
Why use the ConexED calendar scheduling and sync tools? 

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Student Dashboard
Staff can review important student details such as cases, milestones, success scores and more.

ConexED Boosts International Student Success at Lake Tahoe Community College

Lake Tahoe Community College leverages ConxED to support international students, providing convenient appointment scheduling in their time zones and instant messaging for quick questions.

Boost Efficiency with Seamless Scheduling

Contact us to learn more about our calendar sync feature and full scheduling solution. 

Student Dashboard