Fletcher Technical Community College

ConexED Streamlined Support Services for Fletcher Technical Community College

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Fletcher Technical Community College had to move operations online. ConexED was in the process of implementation and soon eliminated obstacles for students and staff by streamlining support services into one robust system.

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ConexED Streamlined Support Services for Fletcher Technical Community College

How ConexED's Student Experience Platform Changed the Game for FTCC

"ConexED's platform transformed Fletcher Technical Community College's student support services. By streamlining operations into one system, wait times were reduced, efficiency was improved, and personalized connections were formed between students and staff. “Our chancellor’s motto is a one-stop shop, and ConexED is the one-stop platform we use because it gives you all the tools in one. It’s allowed us to make partnerships with different departments. It has saved us money.” —Nicole Shaw, e-Learning Coordinator"

  • Fletcher Technical Community College in Louisiana needed to develop a global e-learning program to attract students outside of the state.
  • They discovered ConexED, which provided a sophisticated yet simple platform to serve all students by unifying support services better.
  • By providing a one-stop shop for admissions, financial aid, advising, tutoring, and more, ConexED simplified the way students interacted with the college.
  • The platform's accessibility, privacy features, and ability to conduct business virtually became even more critical when the pandemic hit in March 2020.
  • ConexED eliminated the obstacles of navigating multiple platforms and allowed staff to streamline support services into one robust system.
  • With ConexED, students can jump on their phones when it's convenient for them and reschedule appointments without stopping the timeliness of meeting deadlines.

"What's really been great for us is how the platform allows us to be better prepared. It allows us to serve more students in a short amount of time. It allows us to better track our progress and to actually have time to plan. I think that's part of the reason why we are doing so well with enrollment right now." Trey Clark, Assistant Director of— Enrollment Management

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