How ConexED Helps Support College Food Pantries and CalFresh
How ConexED Helps Support College Food Pantries and CalFresh
Katie Bevilacqua
Katie Bevilacqua
Basic Needs

How ConexED Helps Support College Food Pantries and CalFresh

Access to food pantries and CalFresh is essential for many California students and their families. Using ConexED, schools can manage CalFresh eligibility, food pantry pick-up schedules, and inventories all in one, easy-to-use platform.

Managing CalFresh Eligibility

Using the ConexED Basic Needs Assessment, schools can condense the amount of paperwork by including specific questions regarding CalFresh eligibility to assess if a student qualifies. Once qualified, a student is automatically enrolled in the CalFresh cohort within the ConexED platform and the appropriate staff member is notified. Staff can then monitor a student’s progress, ongoing eligibility, and more.

ConexED also uses MIS reporting and is structured to provide the data schools need to continue receiving their CalFresh allotments. Set up your reporting dashboard to show you the necessary information at the touch of a button and our easy export feature allows you to send your custom reports directly to the state. We make funding easy to acquire and even easier to retain.  

Tracking Pantry Operations

Tracking your school’s pantry inventory is easy with ConexED. Using our fully customizable reason codes tool your school can develop its own set of reason codes to track food pantry inventory. Keep track of what is in stock and what needs to be replenished so that your pantry staff can be confident that they have the right ingredients for each student.

Scheduling Food Pantry Pickups

The ConexED Scheduler is a dynamic tool that helps schools keep track of who’s working at their food pantry, who is scheduled to arrive for pick up and more. With our clock in/clock out functionality, food pantry staff can ensure that their school’s food pantry is being managed correctly. Our scheduler also empowers students to schedule food pick-ups around their schedules, making it easier for them to get the food they need when they need it.

During the Basic Needs Assessment, students can select different food aversions or allergies so that your food pantry staff can ensure that each student receives the correct type of food at the time of their scheduled pick-up.

ConexED is California Ready.

We’re helping California colleges expand their equity!

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