Bring campus to students.

Integrate your institution into the very heart of these communities, enabling full-time enrollment, recruitment, and persistence strategies.

Model: The Solo

The Solo Campus Anywhere is more than just a booth—it's a comprehensive solution that transcends geographical boundaries and offers a transformative experience for both your institution and the communities you serve. By establishing a physical presence within these communities, you not only increase brand recognition but also demonstrate your institution's commitment to investing in their growth and development.


  1. Expand your outreach and engagement efforts to reach students in populations that are often underserved. By breaking down barriers related to connectivity, technology, transportation, and personal privacy, Campus Anywhere ensures that no student is left behind.
  2. We understand that increasing enrollment and graduation rates is a top priority for institutions nationwide. Our technology not only enables a human connection throughout the enrollment process but also provides ongoing support services to ensure student success throughout their programs.
  3. Campus Anywhere serves as a conduit for high-quality, personalized conversations. By replicating the experience of an in-office appointment that would typically occur on campus, this technology enables institutions to tailor recruitment and enrollment services to each student's unique needs.
  4. With comprehensive data on student engagements, institutions can provide highly customized support services. By discerning who students are meeting with and why, schools can tailor their resources to address individual needs, fostering an environment of personalized care and guidance.

Model: Universal Design

The Universal Design Campus Anywhere empowers all students to easily connect with the necessary support staff, fostering inclusivity and optimizing their learning journey. This initiative redefines education by breaking physical boundaries and promoting accessibility, collaboration, and individual success.


  1. Campus Anywhere ensures full-time availability, providing students with a welcoming environment whenever they feel inspired to embark on their institution enrollment journey.
  2. Students value a safe and secure space where they can freely share personal information. With Campus Anywhere, students can have peace of mind, knowing that the soundproof booth guarantees privacy.
  3. For students who may face barriers to physically accessing a institution campus, Campus Anywhere opens doors to remote application processes and tailored support.
  4. By replicating the experience of an in-office appointment that would typically occur on campus, this technology enables institutions to tailor recruitment and enrollment services to each student's unique needs.

Product Tour

Breaking Barriers, Connecting Communities Empowering Student Success 

  • 1

    Engage all your students

    Today’s students have more complexities, more nuances, and infinitely busier lives. They need a solution that enables staff to meet them wherever they are.

  • 2

    Take down barriers, augment possibilities

    No more barriers. No more interruptions. Our Campus Anywhere technology makes enrollment and support more efficient and effortless for both staff and students. Students can quickly join from a booth and be transferred from lobby-to-lobby without clicking a button.

  • 3

    Less glitches, less frustration, more impact

    The demands on faculty and staff have grown denser. With a higher student-to-staff ratio to manage and care for, the daily grind and technical complexities can get in the way of their passion and productivity.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Campus anywhere?
How does Campus anywhere work?
What features does Campus Anywhere offer?

Delivered and fully integrated

“Don’t lift a finger” service

ConexED understands that higher education faculty and staff members are put under more stress than ever before with an increase in responsibilities and a staffing shortage that compounds these situations. From the moment a Campus Anywhere is purchased, ConexED does all of the heavy lifting. From arranging delivery and installation to designing your custom booth wrap and training your staff we take care of everything so your staff can continue serving students.

Fully Insured Hardware

We know that high-traffic environments can lead to unexpected situations. That's why each Campus Anywhere lease includes hardware that is fully insured. We believe in providing you with a worry-free experience, ensuring that any potential mishaps are covered, and the functionality of your Campus Anywhere setup remains uninterrupted. Your peace of mind is our priority, and our commitment to fully insured hardware reflects our dedication to delivering a reliable and hassle-free solution for your needs.

“The Campus Anywhere has connected our more remote students with their support staff in a way like no other technology has.”

Drew - CEO of ZZ Corp.

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