Campus Anywhere is the doorway into the future.

Campus Anywhere is a revolutionary technology that integrates your institution into the very heart of your communities, enabling full-time enrollment, recruitment, and persistence strategies.

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Approachable Recruitment, Anytime, Anywhere

Campus Anywhere is more than just a booth—it's a comprehensive solution that transcends geographical boundaries and offers a transformative experience for both your institution and the communities you serve.

Non-traditional students

According to a 2015 study by NCEC, 74% of all college students were referred to as non-traditional students.

The actions of non-traditional students include:

  1. Part-time students
  2. Working full-time while studying
  3. Returning after several years
  4. Having dependent children
  5. Not receiving a standard high school diploma

Most colleges are not designed to meet the needs of non-traditional students

The performance of non-traditional students cannot be maximized because of the lack of facilities from universities that cannot accommodate and provide for their needs, relationships, and flexibility in:

  1. Access to resources
  2. Communication
  3. Additional support

That's why we created Campus Anywhere

We exist to perfect the limited educational opportunities of all possibilities including a very specific focus on populations. The increasing rate of non-traditional students makes it appear that universities are failing to keep pace and meet their needs. We are here to help everyone in their education. We are here to improve higher education so that non-traditional students do not walk alone in their education.

Meet Your Students Where They Are. No, Really

Campus Anywhere, as the name suggests, is a groundbreaking technology housed within a versatile, soundproof booth that can be placed anywhere with a common outlet and accessible Wi-Fi. This booth is designed to maximize convenience, enabling easy relocation even in tight spaces.

Some of the most common and recommended locations are:

  1. Local community centers
  2. Local libraries
  3. Satellite campuses
  4. Student services centers
  5. K-12 school grounds
  6. Anywhere

Making Education Truly Equitable

Not only does Campus Anywhere make it so students don’t have to physically visit their school campus, but it can also be designed to accommodate students with accessibility needs. An extra-wide door with no step or incline provides an easy-in, easy-out approach that makes Campus Anywhere convenient for everyone.

  1. 36” wide self-closing door
  2. 7 x 7′ customizable room
  3. 1/2” door threshold
  4. 18.8” door handle

Enhancing Student Experience and Support through Innovative Technology

Safe and Confidential: Privacy at the Core

Students value a safe and secure space where they can freely share personal information. With Campus Anywhere, students can have peace of mind, knowing that the soundproof booth guarantees privacy. Additionally, the option to add frosted glass enhances confidentiality, allowing students to engage in open conversations without hesitation.

Enabling High-Quality Conversations

Campus Anywhere serves as a conduit for high-quality, personalized conversations. By replicating the experience of an in-office appointment that would typically occur on campus, this technology enables institutions to tailor recruitment and enrollment services to each student's unique needs. No matter their physical ability, students of all backgrounds can benefit from the various booth sizes available.

Meeting Basic Needs, Within All Hard-To-Reach Communities

For students who may face barriers to physically accessing a college campus, Campus Anywhere opens doors to remote application processes and tailored support. By extending outreach beyond traditional boundaries, institutions can ensure that students receive the assistance they need, regardless of their location.

What Can It Do?

Perfect for school administrators, advisors, and front desk staff, ConexED’s Campus Anywhere is perfect for managing walk-ins, virtual lobby logistics, and more. When students use kiosk to log in to their school account, they can:

Schedule new appointments

Join a live virtual lobby for student services departments

Instant chat message between staff and students

Instant video meet with staff one-on-one

E-Sign financial aid and degree planning documents

Enhancing Student Experience and Support through Innovative Technology

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