Event Scheduling and Seat Registration

Provide an easy and convenient way for students to access events and workshops on or off campus.

Online Event Registration

Our software makes it easy for students to see what’s available and then register online for events like new student orientation, study skills workshops, financial aid seminars, test reviews, and more. It is also designed to be simple to use for staff and instructors so that it takes very little time or effort to make events available and then track registration and attendance.

“The students who participated in ConexED had the top grades. I think they felt more connected; they felt that I actually cared about their success because they heard my voice.” —Myriam Feldman, Instructor, Bellevue Community College

More convenience leads to more attendance

  • Allow students to easily see and register for workshops or events
  • Show times, dates, locations, and all other pertinent information in one convenient online location.
  • Give students the options to self schedule for both on campus and virtual events.
large class auditorium

Customization means better tracking of the right data

  • Customize the registration for each individual event
  • Decide who can register and how by setting login types
  • Create individualized registration forms to capture information
  • Set seating limits and add a waitlist option
  • Track how many are registered, who attended, who left early, and other valuable metrics

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Video Meetings and Virtual Classrooms

ConexED’s browser-based video meetings and classrooms offer interactive and accessibility features so that every student has equal access.

Appointment Scheduling and Event Registration

Convenient online scheduling for all student services and instructional office appointments as well as large event scheduling.

Case Management System

ConexED offers a high-touch platform that is specifically built for targeted outreach, intake and assessment, and developing a student success plan that is easy to navigate and customize.

Student Kiosk and Queuing System

Students can check in for scheduled appointments or record drop-in meetings, keep track of their turn in line, or cancel appointments from their phone.

Calendar, SIS, and LMS API Integrations

ConexED’s multi-dimensional API seamlessly integrates with your school’s Student Information System, Learning Management System, and Calendar systems.

Instant Chat Messaging System

Each chat session can be recorded as an appointment with a reason code, be passed off to another advisor, or be used to send students to the virtual lobby.

Student Analytics and Reporting

ConexED software tracks important institutional data while relieving your IT team of the need to support multiple systems across campus.

Privacy, Compliance, and Accessibility

All communication within ConexED is conducted using secure connections. ConexED complies to all FERPA and HIPAA regulations, and is ADA and WCAG 2.1 conformant.