The impact of case management on graduation
The impact of case management on graduation
Katie Bevilacqua
Katie Bevilacqua
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The impact of case management on graduation

For K-12 and higher education, case management is now an integral part of a student’s experience.

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For K-12 and higher education, case management is now an integral part of a student’s experience. The ability to track students throughout their academic journeys allows instructors, faculty, and staff to ensure academic success. Without a tool to help students succeed, many are dropping out.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, just 36% of Americans ages 25 years or older hold a bachelor’s degree. Why is the percentage so low? A Strada Education Network study of 4,000 undergraduate students said their biggest challenge in 2020 was emotional well-being, almost three times higher than how to pay for college. How do we increase the connection to students before these emotional disruptions lead to dropouts in both K-12 and higher education?

Remove barriers for students

A poll conducted by Educational Data showed that over a quarter of students claimed they dropped out of college due to academic disqualification. Of the students surveyed, 13% noted they had a poor social fit with 4% attributing the college distance from their home as a reason for dropping out.

The pandemic forced institutions to provide other means of instruction and ways to connect with students. Student usage of the ConexED messaging feature with instructors and staff increased 2,875% from 34,728 messages in 2019 to 1,019,725 in 2020. Video meetings increased from 81,106 in 2019 to nearly 1.78 million in 2020. These interactions weren’t just from instruction. Departments such as academic advisors, admissions, athletics, counseling, financial aid, mental health counselors, even campus security quickly adapted to offer their resources to students online and on-campus.

By providing avenues like ConexED cards, faculty and staff can provide students with various channels of communication like chat, email, and face-to-face meetings, giving them the ability to connect in the way most convenient for them.

Make interactions accessible and consistent

Beginning with admissions, a student often interacts with dozens of touchpoints throughout their education. Additionally, departments on campus frequently implement different platforms, requiring that a student create different usernames and passwords for each. These numerous logins on top of endless institutional tasks can cause frustration and negatively impact student productivity.

By consolidating and streamlining platforms across campus, schools can provide a more positive student experience and gather key insights beginning with enrollment, ending with graduation, and track every interaction in between.

ConexED case management provides a streamlined view of the student experience by integrating with any learning management system. ConexED cards can be embedded into any website or social media to display instructor availability and critical student support service hours. Organized in a directory, these cards provide students with personalized touch points via text, email, or the ability to request a face-to-face meeting. The ability to “knock” on someone’s door during set lobby or office hours provides additional support to students outside of set classroom hours. Being able to connect to a real person, rather than a chatbot, increases student engagement and interaction.

A modern approach to case management

With the ConexED case management system, having the ability to track students on an individual basis provides valuable insights needed to reach graduation. This is achieved by providing faculty and staff members with the ability to:

  • LMS and SIS integration
  • Create custom cohorts by department/college
  • View and filter students by cohort
  • Customized milestone functionality
  • Create milestones by cohort
  • Mass or individually assign milestones
  • Ability to create and send reminders
  • Progress alerts by cohort or groups assigned within a cohort
  • Support group or individual alerts for follow up
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Consolidated reports dashboard
  • Filterable by cohort, group, or other category
  • Increased opportunity for proactive connections

Did you know student/teacher chats increased
by 2,975% from 2019 to 2020?

Don’t let students get lost in the “murky middle” resulting in withdrawing or dropping out entirely. Build bridges across campus with a consolidated point of connection to help students succeed and graduate.

To reserve your seat in our next case management webinar, email us at engage@conexed.com.

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