ConexED awarded Best Educational Service in Utah!
ConexED awarded Best Educational Service in Utah!
Tracy Gorham
Tracy Gorham
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ConexED awarded Best Educational Service in Utah!

The Best of State Awards were created to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations, and businesses throughout the state of Utah. This year, ConexED was recognized as the Best Educational Service!

Winners are determined by three categories:

  1. Innovation & creativity in approaches, techniques, methods or processes
  2. Contributions to a better quality of life in Utah through charity and community service
  3. Achievement in endeavors: Quality and excellence of products and services contributing to Best Educational Service

Innovation & creativity

Prior to the pandemic, ConexED CEO, Tracy Gorham, saw a need for improved student/teacher connection in an increasingly virtual world. She and other early members of the ConexED team had the foresight to develop a robust browser-based unified student services platform that allowed students to meet with instructors, counselors, or other student support staff.

Today, ConexED continues to increase student success and enhance authentic human connection on and offline. In addition to providing in-person and virtual connection via chat and video, no other platform enables:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Case management
  • Goal setting & tracking
  • Video conferencing
  • Direct messaging
  • Live interactive whiteboards
  • Intake and follow-up forms and surveys
  • Paperwork uploads
  • Document signing
  • Real-time transcriptions & closed-captioning
  • HIPAA & FERPA compliance

By combining these features with an all-in-one platform, ConexED eliminates the need for additional services by providing the one solution to increased student engagement when face-to-face meetings are less convenient. With one click, student users can engage with teachers, tutors, academic advisors, admin personnel, mental health professionals, and one another.

“Even before the pandemic, [ConexED] was a true resource to the campus providing access to individuals who are eager to assist.”Christopher Sweeten — VP Moreno Valley College Student Services

In addition to streamlining student systems, ConexED is customizable. Our clients can tailor the software to meet the specific needs of the institution, modifying the landing-page directory to include whomever they deem essential for student success. Best of all, this customization is easy for institution admins to do themselves—without extensive support from IT.

Improving life in Utah

Because ConexED is headquartered in Salt Lake City, assisting students in Utah is especially rewarding.

Among the service projects organized this year, ConexED team members created hybrid teaching kits for educators at a Title 1 elementary school and assisted kindergartners with end-of-year testing at American Preparatory Academy. As part of ConexED’s recent internal service initiative, members of the accounting, marketing, and sales teams volunteered at the Volunteers of America Youth Resource Center serving breakfast to homeless youth living in the Salt Lake Valley. These events gave ConexED team members the opportunity to assist underprivileged youth in the Salt Lake City area.

Aside from ongoing service endeavors, ConexED actively contributes to the well-being and educational advancement of Utah students simply because of the efficiency of our product. Since partnering with ConexED in 2017, the University of Utah has steadily improved connection and communication between students, teachers, advisors, and administrators. As the threat of Covid-19 drastically impacted fall 2020 enrollment at institutions nationwide (down 3.6% from 2019 according to data from the National Student Clearinghouse), enrollment and student outreach at the University of Utah remained stable.

Unlike their peers at other colleges, students at the University of Utah had the advantage of an established online student support system. The transition online was seamless because the proper communication channels had already been cultivated. University of Utah students and faculty were able to manage authentic human connection through ConexED’s instant messaging, video conferencing, academic and financial planning, and virtual appointment scheduling with mental health professionals, tutors, advisors, and other student support specialists as needed.

Thanks to quantitative student support and continued student success, the University of Utah continues to unify the campus across 46 different departments with over 103,582 users and counting.

“Through the ConexED platform the University of Utah continued connecting thousands of students with their advisors. We also rapidly transformed many other student services to virtual experiences and continued helping students navigate a very difficult school year.”Cory Stokes, Associate Dean, Digital Learning Online & Continuing Education at the University of Utah

Achievement in the field of endeavor

ConexED is not simply an education technology company; we are a compassionate group of professionals who share a collective goal to democratize student support regardless of ability or background. Our goal is to help both students and administrators (faculty, staff, and student support services) by building a platform to serve both perspectives.

By implementing ConexED campus-wide, over 280 educational institutions across the country have successfully consolidated resources, eliminated multiple technology vendors, streamlined support services, and invested more time and money on their students. As a result, these partners save an average of 20 to 50% in overall annual spending and increase student retention up to 10.4%. ConexED also currently has a 90% renewal rate among its partner institutions.

ConexED is also recognized on G2, the world’s largest online tech marketplace for software reviews, earning numerous awards in 2020 including ‘Best Relationship’, ‘Best Support’, ‘Easiest to Use’, ‘High Performer’, and the ‘Users Love Us’ award for frequent positive client feedback.

As ConexED looks to the future, we look forward to unifying complete student support across campuses the world over.

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