4 Reasons ConexED is the Right CRM Pairing with Ellucian Banner
4 Reasons ConexED is the Right CRM Pairing with Ellucian Banner
Karen Cherrett
Karen Cherrett

4 Reasons ConexED is the Right CRM Pairing with Ellucian Banner

Many community colleges use Ellucian Banner or Colleague to manage their prospect pipeline. ConexED CRM integrates seamlessly with these systems, ensuring smooth data flow and accurate reporting. It offers intuitive prospect pipeline management with real-time visibility and customizable cohort tracking. ConexED enhances engagement and improves enrollment outcomes with comprehensive support throughout the application process.

A number of Community Colleges across the United States use the Ellucian Banner or Ellucian Colleague software to manage their prospect pipeline.

When they want to add in a CRM that captures all of the transactional information behind engagement with prospective students along their enrollment journey, they may not realize that the ConexED CRM platform is purpose-built college CRM software that works in sync with the Ellucian SIS Platforms.

Here are four key reasons to consider the ConexED CRM platform for your college needs.

ConexED syncs with Banner and Colleague

ConexED understands that colleges use Student Information Systems to report their enrollment outcomes on a regular basis. Therefore connectivity into existing SIS systems such as Ellucian Banner for reporting would be required.

The ConexED college CRM software has the ability to integrate with a number of the common platforms community colleges use to support their administration work.

One of the integrations that has been set up is with Ellucian Banner and Ellucian Colleague. 

These seamless integrations mean data can flow between the two systems seamlessly without staff having to think about whether the systems are in sync and whether they need to transfer data to record accuracy and reporting.

They allow for synchronization of student records, enrollment data, and academic progress, taking the stress off administrators.

Easy To Use Prospect Pipeline

The Colleges that have switched to using the ConexED college CRM software have found it a more easy to use platform for management of the prospect pipeline.

The ConexED system provides community college staff with the ability to manage and support prospects through the entire application process through

  • Full, real-time visibility of the information request coming in from a prospect
  • Import and management of leads from other systems
  • Ability to place these applicants into ‘cohorts’ or groups for follow-up, task management, and tracking
  • Assignment of student cohorts to recruitment staff
  • Creation of milestones or tasks for students to track their progress through the application process
  • Setup of reminders for recruitment and admission staff to follow up with the student
  • Alert setup so students receive notifications via their preferred modality (text or email) to remind them to take action
  • The ability for students to set meetings with college support staff 
  • Case history of the student all the way through their recruitment journey, visible by cross-functional team members
  • Form management to collect specific information or ask a question to get the prospect engaged
  • Breaking down the “one big list” to follow up on, so the right people can follow up and talk to the students about their situation, transferring students, new freshmen, returning students
  • Enhanced audience segmentation and drip campaigns to keep prospective students engaged and on track to apply

More Prospect Visibility

Visibility of each student prospect through their recruitment and admissions journey is key for college staff. Staff in different departments across the college want the visibility of knowing what they need to do to support the potential or enrolling student to become fully enrolled.

The team at Delgado Community College found that when they moved to using ConexED for their recruitment, the number of student inquiries they received increased from 6 a month to 6-9 a day.

Not only did they see a rise in the number of RFI’s, but by using ConexED they closed the communication loop with these prospective students so they knew exactly what stage of recruitment each applicant was at.

This visibility helped the student receive more customized and personal communication from the college. It allowed staff to see what the student had completed, or not in order to follow up with them to discuss any issues they might be having, or to answer any questions.

Cross-college teams could support the student through their application process in such a way that it flowed and everyone had visibility of the progress through to enrollment.

Why Choose ConexED As Your Replacement?

As a number of community colleges across the country can attest, replacing other CRM systems with ConexED provides many benefits above and beyond what they expect.

  • The recruitment workflow is simpler and easier to use and can be set up and piloted to ensure it works specifically for your college
  • Visibility of applicants and their progress through the recruitment funnel is provided to recruitment staff
  • Cross-department staff can easily see who has engaged with a student and what has been discussed
  • It closes any communication gaps you might currently have in your recruitment process through the ability to set and use forms, alerts, mass send messages
  • Students manage their own recruitment through a clear pathway with visibility of where they are at in that process
  • Data is clean
  • The syncing of data from the ConexED college CRM software to Ellucian SIS systems is seamless
  • Easy-to-create audience segmentation and drip campaigns allow staff to engage students during the process effortlessly

To find out more, schedule a demonstration with one of the ConexED team.

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