Integrations for Higher Education

ConexED was designed to easily integrate into all common higher education IT platforms.

Pull and push data between your enterprise systems

ConexED integrates with your institution’s critical systems, like your student information system and learning management system, capturing and reporting data for guided pathways reports and analyses. These data integrations provide valuable information that can help your school retain monetary funding through state programs and federal grants.

“We love the SSO and SIS real-time integrations.” —Greg D., CEO

ConexED offers a variety of integrations for higher education applications:

The ConexED scheduling system integrates with your school’s student information system (SIS) to accurately report MIS data through an automated nightly SFTP import. We work with your team to properly identify and map appointment data for a seamless integration.

The ConexEd webpage integration allows you to embed a widget within a specified student services page on your website. It connects to the ConexEd Department and Group infrastructure and pulls data from the Group’s Informed Consent, Intake Forms, End of Meeting Surveys, Staff Review Forms, Reason Codes, Locations, and Email Templates. This API facilitates scheduling for all on-campus and in-video meetings and provides Reason Code reporting for state and federal funding.

There are two types of ConexED LTI integrations. One specifically designed for student services groups and one for instructional use. The student services integration allows you to plug-in a student support ConexED Card (for services such as writing centers and math tutors) directly into a course page, which allows students instant access to these vital support teams. 

The instructional ConexED LTI is designed for class communication. Instructors can hold both walk-in and scheduled  online office hours, schedule a virtual classroom meeting, or allow students to fill out an online registration form and secure their virtual seat for the online classroom event. 

We also offer a Canvas LTI located within any Canvas course that utilizes Canvas role types. This LTI facilitates online classroom meetings using the Canvas class roster, enables student-to-student meetings for group projects and assignment collaboration, and replicates the feeling of students and instructors sitting side by side in a classroom.  

Additionally, the new Canvas widget embeds a ConexED Card widget directly into any area of Canvas, allowing students to schedule on-campus meetings or video meetings directly with any student services group or instructor. The integration pulls data from Group’s Informed Consent, Intake Forms, End of Meeting Surveys, Staff Review Forms, Reason Codes, Locations, and Email Templates. This flexible widget is automatically activated with a Canvas SSO, so no additional sign-on is required.

Because we know that you rely heavily on your calendar, we offer multiple calendar integration solutions; Google, Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook.  For convenience and ease of use, each of our calendar integrations offer a full and immediate push/pull sync in real-time. Appointments scheduled in ConexED appear on your calendar automatically and  if you have an existing event in your calendar that conflicts or coincides with your ConexED office hours, that time will be blocked off and unavailable for new appointments.

ConexED offers OAuth 2.0 options for institutions that would like to allow their students to authenticate with popular OAuth 2.0 providers.  This allows for a one-click seamless authentication and requires no setup work by the institution’s IT staff.

Our goal is to recreate the connections and communication that naturally take place on-campus, but fully online. The ConexED LTI – Canvas integration can be enabled “globally” within the school’s Canvas instance or enabled in each course by the instructor through the App Center. When enabled inside a Canvas course the ConexED LTI will be accessible from the main navigation of the course. 

Another important feature of the ConexED LTI is that all this communication and messaging between faculty/staff, students, and guests is done without sharing personal information like cellular numbers, Skype address, or personal email accounts making it fully comply with the highest level of privacy policies without requiring to download or install any additional software packages. Essentially, the ConexED LTI empowers faculty/staff and students to build relationships in the same way as they would on campus.

ConexED provides a secure and fully documented REST API that can be used for integrations with any cloud or location based system. We have several customized integrations that include Peoplesoft, Colleague, Ellucian, and Banner. Our current integration development roadmap consists of Salesforce with a target date of November 1st, 2017. We will enthusiastically add other CRM integrations to our development roadmap as needed to strengthen our integration ecosystem. 

ConexED can import student data from the SIS either via a nightly dump of IMS One Roster CSV files or via the IMS Learning Information Services (LIS) v2.0 standard using real-time WSDL endpoints.  ConexED can export any stored data elements via a customized REST API pull or One Roster CSV data dumps. ConexED will support any non-standard data import/export that would be required to exchange meeting notes or other gathered data with PeopleSoft.

Google’s Collaboration Suite , which includes documents, spreadsheets, drawings, slides, and forms are fully and seamlessly integrated in both ConexED meeting platforms: Cranium Cafe and Classrooms. Participants can load a Google collaboration documents directly into the meeting and allow all participants to edit, comment, and/or view the documents in real-time.  Microsoft Office 365 collaboration suite integration is on our development roadmap with a target date of November 1st, 2017 and will have the same real-time collaboration functions as our Google Collaboration Suite integration.

While in a Cranium Cafe or a Classroom meeting, moderators and participants can access documents that are stored in their Box account by clicking onto the “Upload” function which will upload the document into the collaborative Whiteboard area in the meeting space. The document can then be saved with the meeting markups and annotations through the Save function and moved back into the Box account for future access. Box documents can also be shared through the Share Screen function inside a Cranium Cafe or Classroom meeting. Moderators and participants can open the document located within their Box account and share their screen for others to view in real-time.

Meeting users can share their screen and playback a YouTube or Kaltura video to view the video simultaneously with the group participants. The video can be shared in full screen allowing the highest resolution to be displayed.  While using the ConexED share screen tool, this will record the video and be available in the ConexED meeting archive stitched together with the video and audio streams of the meeting.

ConexED provides a secure REST API that can be used to develop additional integrations.  Our REST API covers everything from creating user accounts, scheduling meetings, setting office hours  to pulling chat logs, meeting notes and user data. Our full REST API documentation is available upon request.

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Video Meetings & Virtual Classrooms

High-quality video and audio, interactive tools, and accessibility features make our browser-based video platform engaging for everyone.

Appointment Scheduling & Event Registration

Entire institutions or individual departments can enable online self-scheduling with a shared calendar for 1:1 video meetings or group events.

Student Success Plans

With tools built for targeted outreach, intake, and assessment, staff and faculty can develop and share individualized student success plans for case management.

Student Kiosk & Queuing System

Students can check in for scheduled appointments, record drop-in meetings, keep track of their place in line, or cancel appointments from their phone.

Calendar, LMS, & SIS Integrations

Our multi-dimensional API seamlessly integrates with your online calendar, LMS, and SIS to streamline systems, processes, and reporting.

Instant Chat Messaging System

Online chat sessions can be recorded as appointments with reason codes, and passed on to the virtual lobby or to other staff and faculty for follow up.

Data Analytics & Reporting

The platform tracks key institutional data and eliminates the need to buy additional software for viewing and analyzing student and institutional performance.

Accessibility & Privacy

ConexED is ADA, FERPA, and HIPAA compliant. All student communications in the platform pass through secure connections.