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A Guided Pathways Framework for Success

Students who stay connected to their academic support teams have increased course completion and graduation rates. ConexED supports a Guided Pathways approach to education, allowing students to connect in the ways that are best suited for their individual needs, regardless of location or ability.

  • Increase Student Enrollment

    Begin creating meaningful connections with prospective students the moment they enter your website. Rather than filling out forms, sending email, and making telephone calls, you can instantly connect face-to-face to answer questions and complete enrollment.

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  • Improve Student Results

    Strengthening student interactions in advising, counseling, library services, and tutoring improve student success and retention. Being able to instantly connect face-to-face with academic support helps students build relationships and overcome the obstacles of staying in school.

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  • Improve Institutional Performance

    Nearly every school is under intense budget pressure, facing spending cuts and deferrals; but you can’t save your way to prosperity. Improved enrollment and retention mean improved tuition dollars and a healthier budget.

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  1. 6.5%Increase in enrollment
    -Average ConexED partner
  2. 8.5%Increase in retention
    -Average ConexED partner
  3. $956,000 In increased tuition revenue
    -Average ConexED partner

Schedule. Meet. Report. Analyze.

Utilize all ConexED’s software suite, or pick and choose the products best suited for your school’s needs.

A Suite of Innovative EdTech Student Engagement Software

Clarify the Path

Campus Calibrate supports a Guided Pathways framework to student success. This scheduling and reporting platform empowers students to tailor and personalize their scheduling system around their needs. It provides all the tools students need to clarify their personal educational paths: They can use Campus Calibrate to schedule appointments with admissions, enrollment, financial aid, advising, counseling, and other student services. Connected to the school’s SIS, this tool provides a comprehensive analytics ecosystem.

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Enter the Path

Cranium Cafe is a virtual teleconferencing platform that creates a simple, mobile in-office appointment. Students can meet one-on-one from any location and any device to decide on a degree program and plan out and embark on their personalized Guided Pathway. Cranium Cafe is WCAG 2.1 compliant, allowing students with visual, hearing, or mobility impairments the same level of access as they enter their Guided Pathways.

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Stay on the Path

ConexED’s Classrooms video meeting platform helps students stay on their Guided Pathway to success. Classrooms allows faculty and staff to create events that students can join from any location or device. Connected to your school’s SIS and LMS, Classrooms’ registration form and seat reservation system can accurately report attendance, which helps your school’s administration keep students on the path to graduation.

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