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Less Work for Staff. More Opportunities for Students.

Reduce staff and faculty churn

The daily grind is causing massive staff turnover. ConexED automates the clickety-clack to help colleges keep their faculty and staff.

Optimize your tech budget

Your budget isn’t infinite and your time is limited. ConexED addresses every need while saving you money on redundant tech.

Empower your students to keep learning

When the help students need is behind a wall of red tape, forms, and frustration, they don’t reach out. With a couple of clicks, ConexED connects students with the answers and advisors they need to thrive.

Reach all of your students

Today’s students come with more complexities and busier lives. To keep them engaged no matter their location or circumstances, you need an all-in-one platform that doesn’t require any unnecessary apps.

What Your Students Need to Succeed, When They Need It.

Our scalable, real-time, on-demand solutions empower students throughout their journey. Our solutions include:

Appointment and Event Scheduling

Save time with responsive self-scheduling for all student services appointments and campus events with real-time tracking and reporting.

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Virtual One-Stop-Shop

Allows students to have those critical warm handoffs to services groups that will onboard them, support them, and set them up for success. Our reporting captures every engagement so leaders have the tools to make data-driven decisions.

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CRM & Cohort Management

Our CRM enhances your outreach and marketing efforts by enabling staff to build a cohesive and sustainable strategy and providing a database for all student activity tracking and monitoring.

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Early Alerts and Case Management

Enable faculty to navigate the murky middle with students by integrating our Early Alerts directly into your LMS. Easy intervention processes that increase efficiency and communication among faculty and staff.

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Student Success Scoring | Proactive Alerts | See All...

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We Don’t Mean to Brag, But We’re a Little More Advanced than Your Current Tech Partners…

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agile onboarding

Gone are the days of inefficient 12+ month implementations. With ConexED, onboard in as little as six weeks.


Two-week product innovation cycle

We keep ConexED doing the most for you. Our development team pushes new features, bug fixes, and new solutions every two weeks.


On-call account manager

We connect each institution with a personalized Account Manager, who you can access anytime.


No more frustration. No more fragmentation. With our All-In-One Platform, ConexED unifies your campus so your staff can do what they always intended to do — make an impact.

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