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ConexED's Flexibility Solves Scheduling Challenges for UPenn's Athletic Department

UPenn's Athletic Department faced scheduling challenges and athlete care concerns. ConexED's advanced features and HIPAA compliance revolutionized scheduling, streamlining operations and supporting student-athlete care.

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ConexED's Flexibility Solves Scheduling Challenges for UPenn's Athletic Department

How a creative platform changed the dynamics of one of the largest athletic departments in the country

Director of Sports Performance, Dr. Andrea Wieland, faced the challenge of scheduling individualized training sessions for each athlete. The time-consuming process led her to seek a robust scheduling system that would integrate seamlessly with student IDs, ensure HIPAA compliance, and offer more than a scheduling solution.

  • After exploring various subscription-based platforms, they chose ConexED for its features and flexibility. 
  • Although ConexED was initially used for mental health and nutrition schedules, its flexibility allowed for innovative scheduling of actual equipment like the BodPod and Boost Treadmill.
  • ConexED enabled customized appointments and calendars on-the-fly, essential in catering to the unique needs of UPenn's student-athletes.
  • With ConexED's platform flexibility, UPenn's Sports Performance Department could creatively use actual equipment and video recordings to highlight athlete performance.
  • ConexED streamlined scheduling by integrating with Penn IDs and offering customizable Reason Codes, providing unparalleled adaptability to the department.
  • The innovative features and HIPAA compliance of ConexED make it an excellent solution for other athletic departments looking to optimize their operations and provide top-tier care to their student-athletes.

For other athletic departments around the country, Dr. Wieland recommends ConexED not only because of the platform's fabulous scheduling made easy or having the finger-tip control of links, this is a platform that opens the door to endless creativity in discovering unique ways to use the technology so that the student-athlete can thrive.

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