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Providing Multi-Modal Tutoring Services Resulting in a 96% Satisfaction Rate

Purdue Global University, with 48,000 students, enhanced student and staff experiences by implementing ConexED as their online tutoring platform. This case study explores its scheduling, virtual lobby, video meetings, and reason code integration.

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Providing Multi-Modal Tutoring Services Resulting in a 96% Satisfaction Rate

The Objective

Purdue Global sought to bolster its student support services by providing an integrated online platform that:

Offers a seamless scheduling experience for various tutoring services.
Allows for efficient management of tutoring demands across multiple academic disciplines.
Delivers a high-quality, interactive virtual learning environment.
Ensures high student satisfaction and staff efficiency.

The deployment of ConexED yielded substantial data that highlighted its impact:

High Discipline Demand: Math and Writing Centers had 2,048 and 1,672 sessions, showing the platform’s strength in high-demand areas.
Efficient Personal Meetings: Reason Code- managed personal meetings demonstrate the platform’s versatility for individual needs and staff’s ability to offer personalized support.
Strong Survey Results: 96% satisfaction rate, especially for Writing and Math Center Tutors, highlights exceptional service quality.

ConexED’s strategic implementation at Purdue Global has enhanced tutoring, shown by high engagement and satisfaction, effectively meeting diverse student needs and improving the learning environment.

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