Hagerstown Community College

Increasing Retention through tutoring using enhanced scheduling & queueing systems.

Purdue Global University, with 48,000 students, enhanced student and staff experiences by implementing ConexED as their online tutoring platform. This case study explores its scheduling, virtual lobby, video meetings, and reason code integration.

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Increasing Retention through tutoring using enhanced scheduling & queueing systems.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge involved implementing a versatile technology solution for various tutoring formats and student services, along with detailed analytics to assess and improve tutoring outcomes and effectiveness.

The Solution

Flexible and Confidential Tutoring: Many students prefer kiosk drop-ins and private 1:1 sessions for adaptable and discreet support.
Personalized Support with Reason Codes: The platform’s reason codes enable customized support for each student’s unique needs.
Customized Tutoring for Diverse Student Groups: Provides specialized assistance to Student Athletes, Transfer students, and those requiring Disability Support Services (DSS).


Increased Retention: The percentage of tutoring interactions indicated a direct correlation between tutoring services and student retention.
Support for Specialized Programs: Specialized programs noted substantial engagement, reflecting the platform’s versatility.
Enhanced Student Engagement: The ease of scheduling and attending tutoring sessions through ConexED led to increased student engagement and satisfaction.
Data-Driven Decisions: Analytics from ConexED empowered HCC to make informed decisions to enhance tutoring services.

Increased Retention through ConexED Queueing and Analytics

HCC’s use of ConexED, modernizes tutoring services, improves student retention and success through diverse resources and data-driven insights, laying a solid foundation for academic support at Hagerstown Community College.

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