American River College

Promoting Equity in Education at American River College with ConexED

American River College (ARC) in Sacramento, California, serves over 30,000 students, many from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. ARC sought an online student engagement tool that aligned with these values and would support students facing various challenges.

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Promoting Equity in Education at American River College with ConexED

Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity with ConexED Cards

ARC implemented ConexED, a student engagement platform, to improve access to academic support services for students with limited transportation, multiple jobs, or caregiving responsibilities. The platform allowed students to join tutoring sessions from anywhere, reducing commute times and increasing accessibility.

  • Enhancing visibility, representation, and symbolic inclusion in higher education through ConexED.
  • Empowering transgender and non-binary students with pronouns on tutors' ConexED Cards.
  • Boosting confidence in students hesitant to seek academic support with ConexED's inclusive approach.
  • Showcasing the diverse backgrounds of students with racially diverse tutors on ConexED.
  • Elevating the online tutoring experience with tutors' faces, names, bios, and pronouns on ConexED Cards.
  • Facilitating connections between students and tutors from similar cultural and racial backgrounds using ConexED.

"ConexED allows students to access academic support services from anywhere. Many of the students have long commute times. We are in the suburbs of Sacramento and public transportation could be better. Some students have shared that they spend one to two hours coming to campus. Some students spend more time on the bus than in the class or tutoring session they attend. 

Once we started using ConexED, those students could join a tutoring session from home, on a work lunch break, or even while nursing their baby, and save hours in their day. This was critical to students who do not have cars, who have multiple jobs, or who care for dependents."

Dr. Joshua Johsnon - Dean of Student Services and Title IX Coordinator at American River College 

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