Video Conferencing For Small and Medium Businesses

ConexED’s virtual meeting software gives you more options to serve your customers.

Upgrade your video meeting software to an all-in-one scheduling and meeting platform

ConexED’s cloud-based virtual meeting software is more than just a video platform — it is a complete scheduling and communications system that seamlessly connects you to customers and partners while providing you with the data to make better business decisions. You will increase appointments, make data-informed decisions, and better serve your customers at any distance.

Increase appointments

ConexED Cards embed easily in your website so customers can schedule virtual appointments with the click of a button from any device. For those who need help on the fly, the “knock on door” feature lets them request an online walk-in meeting with available staff or wait in a virtual group lobby where anyone in the approved group can pull them into their office for help.

Make better decisions with better data

ConexED delivers all the meeting and engagement metrics you need for reporting and decision making. Our video meetings are recorded and archived for future use, and automatically capture data such as meeting reason codes, meeting times and length, number of meetings per day, meeting notes, and individual client meeting histories through customizable digital intake forms.

Serve your customers at any distance

ConexED ensures equity, access, and convenience by offering your customers flexible meeting options, regardless of location, ability, or circumstance. Our platform acts as secure, assistive communication technology by conforming to all WGAC 2.1 and HIPAA requirements, so customers of any ability can connect with you online with complete privacy. Ideal for counseling and therapy practices, medical offices, tutoring services, law practices, and many more.

Customized to meet your needs

We understand the operational needs of small and medium companies, and unlike other enterprise-level webinar platforms, our solutions are built to facilitate the way you already do business.

Education is our Focus

Our video meeting software is designed specifically so that educators and students can hold virtual meetings that perfectly replicate the in-office experience. We understand the operational needs of college campuses, and unlike other enterprise-level webinar platforms, our solutions are built to facilitate the way you already do business.

Customers Love the face-to-face experience

  • Meet from anywhere on any device
  • No software download needed
  • Screen and document sharing, including e-signature
  • Request a virtual walk-in meeting through chat
  • Virtual group lobby for faster service
  • Accessibility features for customers with disabilities

Employees love the increased efficiency

  • Increase appointments while reducing staff workload
  • Streamline business operations with online self-scheduling
  • Use chat meetings to answer quick questions
  • Get better customer data through meeting codes and intake forms
  • Automatically capture data from all video and chat meetings

Executives love making data-based decisions

  • Utilize system integration for real-time push/pull of important data
  • Get customizable reports with drill-down capabilities
  • Make data-informed staffing and resource decisions
  • Understand customer needs and how to address them

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