Faculty & Instructors

Improve student engagement with virtual classrooms and office hours.

Connect and engage with students online

Online learning increases access and flexibility for everyone. But how do you keep online students from feeling socially disconnected—and falling behind? To help you create meaningful connections, ConexED offers an interactive virtual platform for instruction and advising that’s FERPA, HIPAA, and ADA-compliant.

“The students who participated in ConexED had the top grades. I think they felt more connected; they felt that I actually cared about their success because they heard my voice.” —Myriam Feldman, Instructor, Bellevue Community College

Replicate face-to-face learning with virtual classrooms

  • Connect with up to 100 students for online instruction with synchronous video and audio.
  • Use breakout rooms to enable student collaboration and group projects.
  • Engage students with live polls, shared documents, a digital whiteboard, and more.

Make a human connection with virtual office hours

  • Connect 1:1 or in small groups for advising sessions.
  • Give students flexibility to self-schedule appointments or virtually “knock” on your door.
  • Manage interactions with instant messaging, a virtual student lobby, and customizable intake forms.

Use tools built for higher education

  • Integrate ConexED seamlessly with your LMS, SIS, and calendar system.
  • Ensure accessibility with closed captioning and screen or text-to-speech readers.
  • Improve outcomes with analytical data that can be queried in-platform and extracted in 20+ student engagement reports.

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Video Meetings & Virtual Classrooms

High-quality video and audio, interactive tools, and accessibility features make our browser-based video platform engaging for everyone.

Appointment Scheduling & Event Registration

Entire institutions or individual departments can enable online self-scheduling with a shared calendar for 1:1 video meetings or group events.

Student Success Plans

With tools built for targeted outreach, intake, and assessment, staff and faculty can develop and share individualized student success plans for case management.

Student Kiosk & Queuing System

Students can check in for scheduled appointments, record drop-in meetings, keep track of their place in line, or cancel appointments from their phone.

Calendar, LMS, & SIS Integrations

Our multi-dimensional API seamlessly integrates with your online calendar, LMS, and SIS to streamline systems, processes, and reporting.

Instant Chat Messaging System

Online chat sessions can be recorded as appointments with reason codes, and passed on to the virtual lobby or to other staff and faculty for follow up.

Data Analytics & Reporting

The platform tracks key institutional data and eliminates the need to buy additional software for viewing and analyzing student and institutional performance.

Accessibility & Privacy

ConexED is ADA, FERPA, and HIPAA compliant. All student communications in the platform pass through secure connections.