Easily document student accessibility and equity efforts

Breeze through the college accreditation process

The ConexED system ensures easy and equal access to both on-campus and online students while capturing evidence to show you are in compliance, so you can enjoy a stress free accreditation process.

“You don’t go to university so you can punch a clock. You go to university so you can be in a position to make a difference.” — Janet Napolitano

Demonstrate that you are meeting your equity and accessibility goals

  • Track and document all online and in-person meetings
  • Automated closed captioning and transcripts for every video meeting
  • Text-to-speech feature
  • Compatible with all major screen readers
  • Chat conversations recorded as meetings

Demonstrate substantive interactions with students

  • Automatically create a record of interactions you can share with accrediting bodies
  • Customizable intake forms that capture important data
  • Reason codes to track the “why” of the meeting
  • Additional advisor notes can be added to each meeting
  • Customizable reports for a variety of metrics
  • Video archives that can be attached to reports

Confirm regulatory compliance efforts

  • Access video archives, reports, and other data to confirm regulatory compliance efforts
  • Show that you are providing appropriate student services
  • Demonstrate compliance with FERPA
  • Demonstrate conformance with WCAG 2.1

Read about ConexED’s other areas of higher ed impact

Read About ConexED’s Other Areas of Higher Ed Impact

Social and Emotional Learning

Students face challenges that go beyond academics. Learn how to better serve your students in all areas of their lives with an all-in-one platform.


Student Retention

Increased student engagement leads to increased retention. Find out how to make that a reality on your campus with software that your students, staff, and faculty will love.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Education should be available to all students, regardless of location or circumstance. Meet your students’ needs at any distance with accessible online tools.


Student Belonging

Education should be available to all students, regardless of location or circumstance. Meet your students’ needs at any distance with accessible online tools.


FERPA Compliance

Student privacy is non-negotiable. Guarantee your students complete privacy with a software platform that is designed specifically with FERPA and HIPAA in mind and tested thoroughly to always meet privacy and security requirements.



Give students with disabilities the same access as other students with assistive technology. With features like screen reader compatibility, chat meetings, editable real-time closed captioning, keyboard shortcuts, and text-to-speech, students of all abilities can participate in education.


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Video Meetings & Virtual Classrooms

High-quality video and audio, interactive tools, and accessibility features make our browser-based video platform engaging for everyone.

Appointment Scheduling & Event Registration

Entire institutions or individual departments can enable online self-scheduling with a shared calendar for 1:1 video meetings or group events.

Student Success Plans

With tools built for targeted outreach, intake, and assessment, staff and faculty can develop and share individualized student success plans for case management.

Student Kiosk & Queuing System

Students can check in for scheduled appointments, record drop-in meetings, keep track of their place in line, or cancel appointments from their phone.

Calendar, LMS, & SIS Integrations

Our multi-dimensional API seamlessly integrates with your online calendar, LMS, and SIS to streamline systems, processes, and reporting.

Instant Chat Messaging System

Online chat sessions can be recorded as appointments with reason codes, and passed on to the virtual lobby or to other staff and faculty for follow up.

Data Analytics & Reporting

The platform tracks key institutional data and eliminates the need to buy additional software for viewing and analyzing student and institutional performance.

Accessibility & Privacy

ConexED is ADA, FERPA, and HIPAA compliant. All student communications in the platform pass through secure connections.