Student Success Plans

Holistically track student interactions with support services for better insights into how to foster success

End siloed student support practices

Struggling or at-risk students often fall through the cracks due to lack of communication or collaboration between campus support services. With comprehensive student success plans, you can end siloed support and make sure each student gets the help they need.

“The most adaptive software I have used in some time. The team behind it are so accessible and actually listen to feedback.” —Ricardo G., Student Services Specialist

Enable collaboration between campus services

ConexED offers a dashboard for student success plans that provides institutions with a complete record of student progress. It tracks referrals to different departments, whether the referral has been acted upon, the number of interactions a student has with different supports, and communication between departments. The dashboard provides a thorough picture of student support and where they might need extra help or follow-up.

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Customize student success plans to fit your needs

You can customize the dashboard based on your own criteria, including privacy restrictions to comply with HIPAA and FERPA, staff or faculty that should be alerted under specific circumstances, or automated alerts to certain groups. Students can also be flagged for issues that staff and faculty should be aware of, such as severe mental health issues, outbursts, or violent tendencies.

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Video Meetings & Virtual Classrooms

High-quality video and audio, interactive tools, and accessibility features make our browser-based video platform engaging for everyone.

Appointment Scheduling & Event Registration

Entire institutions or individual departments can enable online self-scheduling with a shared calendar for 1:1 video meetings or group events.

Student Success Plans

With tools built for targeted outreach, intake, and assessment, staff and faculty can develop and share individualized student success plans for case management.

Student Kiosk & Queuing System

Students can check in for scheduled appointments, record drop-in meetings, keep track of their place in line, or cancel appointments from their phone.

Calendar, LMS, & SIS Integrations

Our multi-dimensional API seamlessly integrates with your online calendar, LMS, and SIS to streamline systems, processes, and reporting.

Instant Chat Messaging System

Online chat sessions can be recorded as appointments with reason codes, and passed on to the virtual lobby or to other staff and faculty for follow up.

Data Analytics & Reporting

The platform tracks key institutional data and eliminates the need to buy additional software for viewing and analyzing student and institutional performance.

Accessibility & Privacy

ConexED is ADA, FERPA, and HIPAA compliant. All student communications in the platform pass through secure connections.