Cranium Cafe Virtual Academic Advising & Meeting Space

Get the only video chat & virtual meeting app built specifically to boost student engagement on and off the modern campus.

What is Cranium Cafe?

Cranium Cafe is a browser-based video chat app and virtual meeting platform built to improve student engagement and increase access to support services for all students regardless of their location or special needs.

Virtual Student Meetings & Video Collaboration

conexed video meeting in progress

Combining Video Chat with collaborative features like screen and document sharing in one browser-based platform allows educators admins and advisors to virtually replicate in-person meetings from any location on any web-connected device.

  • FERPA, HIPAA, and WCAG 2.1 compliant
  • Browser Based, No Installation Required
  • Easily Share Screens, Notes & Documents
  • Embeddable on any Webpage
conexed video meeting in progress
braille keyboard in use

Assistive Technology for Education

braille keyboard in use

Ensure equal and equitable access to educators and support services with Cranium Cafe. Our FERPA and HIPAA-compliant virtual meeting app is accessible for all students, including those with visual, hearing, or mobility impairments.
WCAG 2.1 Certified

  • FERPA Complaint Data Security
  • WCAG 2.1 Complaint
  • Real-time Voice to Text Transcription
  • Works with Screen Readers & Keyboard Input

Advanced Analytics & Custom Integrations

Campus Calibrate Software

Scheduling a Cranium Cafe meeting through Campus Calibrate captures rich data including meeting reason codes, intake forms, and student information passed through the single sign-on and delivered to the school’s SIS system. Virtual lobby and instant video meetings also capture data such as chat text, highly accurate meeting times, and meeting notes. All of this data is vital as your administrators work to support students on their Guided Pathways to educational success.

Campus Calibrate Software

Capterra Reviews & Testimonials

ConexED’s cloud-based student engagement suite Campus Calibrate, Cranium Cafe, and Classrooms facilitates student access to support services, instructional resources, and co-curricular opportunities.

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