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Compton Police Department | December Blog Post 150 150

Compton Police Department | December Blog Post

Compton Police Department Utilizing ConexED Keeping Everyone Safe

With over 2,000,000 student users on the ConexED platform, we have seen our Cafe Cards used in many different ways.  But, this one recently caught our attention.

Like many other colleges, universities, and K-12 schools, Compton College utilizes ConexED across campus in multiple departments for student success and connection.  The Compton College Librarians use ConexED to connect with students. Compton’s Success Center uses it.  The campus Counselors utilize the ConexED system along with the Admissions and Records team, the Educational Partnerships group and even the President of the college.  President Keith Curry, recently noted that he uses Cafe Cards to connect with faculty, staff, and students.  We are so excited when we see this type of implementation of ConexED across the board. 

 One additional item at Compton caught our attention here at ConexED.  We noticed Compton College’s Police Department using the ConexED Card to stay connected. 

As they state on their website:

“The Police Department at Compton College provides police and safety services to the Compton College community. We are dedicated to working in partnership with the campus community to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors. Your safety and well being is always our primary concern.”  

One significant way the Compton College Police Department demonstrated their campus-wide presence and support was by personalizing their student connection in this virtual world. They created ConexED Cards and posted them on their Police Department webpage.  Amazing! 

As you can see, the Chief of Police, the Sergeants, and the Dispatchers are all listed and accessible.  They are using the offline message feature and the appointments features. 

At the time of this writing, Compton College has been closed to the public since September 2020 due to COVID-19 safety measures.  Departments all across the campus and the college Police Department have all been using ConexED to stay connected. Check out their Compton College website here to learn how ConexED is helping Compton College everyday.

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Cayuga and ConexED partner to provide better COVID testing resources – November Blog Post 1024 615

Cayuga and ConexED partner to provide better COVID testing resources – November Blog Post

Cayuga and ConexED Partner to Provide Better COVID Testing Resources

This fall, ConexED teamed up with Cayuga Community College in New York to streamline key processes within their reopening plan. By engaging ConexED’s enterprise academic communication system as part of their required COVID-19 surveillance testing, Cayuga simplified labor-intensive tracking and scheduling practices, allowing them to re-open with even greater confidence. This Cayuga and ConexED relationship meant ConexED became an integral part of this routine on-campus precaution.  The ConexED team is honored by this opportunity.

Cayuga Community College implemented surveillance testing to monitor baseline infection rates, identify presymptomatic and asymptomatic cases, stay ahead of outbreaks, and potentially identify superspreaders. 

Prior to implementing and launching the ConexED enterprise software, Cayuga students and staff surveillance testing appointments were set up one-at-a-time by Cayuga staff. This was a labor intensive process in which a staff member had to look up individual student and staff schedules, identify possible available testing times when everyone was available, and then send separate notifications in another system. 


With ConexED, students and staff now self-register for surveillance testing through the workshop registration link accessible through an email invitation. After a Cayuga staff member or student registers for a testing appointment time slot, they automatically receive a confirmation email which contains specific directions to their chosen office location.

By using the ConexED Classroom Webinar Registration features, Cayuga Community College now schedules eighteen different DAILY, 30-minute workshops in two different on-ground locations, Auburn and Fulton. These appointments are created using our ConexED, “Schedule Classroom Meeting” function.  Each time slot is limited to 10 registrants, matching their testing capacity for each time slot.


Cayuga uses appointment registration features and information to print reports and make decisions. When signing-up, the student/staff member completes the registration form.  The registration form asks important questions, such as, “How many days a week are you on campus?”  This registration form also provides important pre-testing tips i.e., no food or drink xx minutes before the appointment.

Since, different nurses/staff work at the testing facilities throughout the day, the Group Manager for ConexED downloads the registered  staff and students for each time slot as a .pdf which is then shared with those onsite during the day. In this way, those administering the COVID-19 tests know whom to expect during each half hour time slot.

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Campus Preparedness and Coronavirus 800 350

Campus Preparedness and Coronavirus

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ConexED is surveying higher ed staff and faculty about their readiness for fall 2020. We want to find out:

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  3. Which technology systems institutions are implementing or expanding for online/hybrid instruction and services
  4. What other preparations are underway (e.g., increased IT staff and infrastructure, training, etc.)
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